5 Unexpected events after economic collapse that you should prepare for

America’s recovery from the Great Recession over a decade ago wasn’t as smooth as many hoped. And things took another turn for the worse with theWuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

This should be a sign for preppers to get ready for something like an economic collapse.(h/t to

After experiencinglockdowns, the combination of ongoing shortages and the burden of several trillion-dollar bills passing through Congress has given Americans the highest inflation in four decades.

And things don’t seem to be getting better for the U.S. in the long run. Even financial gurus have been predicting a major economic crash for years, and each obstaclealong the financial road could mean more disaster.

As a prepper, you can’t let things like this bring you down. Instead, you should stay calm and be ready for whatever happens next.

This meansbeing ready for the upcoming economic crisis and also preparing for what could happen next.

There’s the economic aspect of the issue, which is what most people focus on. But there’s more to it than the economy.

Here are five possible changes that you should prepare for before an economic collapse: Attackson the rich

Fordecades, progressives have been attacking the wealthy, specifically wealthy industrialists. Strangely enough, they tend to ignore the wealthy in the tech sector or wealthy bankers.

This isn’tthat surprising because progressives are closely linked to Marxists. Additionally, they don’t attack people in the tech sector because many of them are on their side. The same can be said for bankers.

But industrialists are mostly conservatives, so progressives consider them “bad.” During an economic collapse, it’s very likely thatthe economic woes of the country will be blamed on industrialists.

The risk in this scenario is socialism, which could lead to communism. Every socialist or communist country started by taking over industry and business, for the “good of the people.”

Because mostgovernments are often bad at managing anything, especially finances, this will impoverish the nation. Eventually, government bureaucrats can enrich themselves, while also increasing the number of people dependent on the country. Crime bosses becoming more fearless

Aside from the government, criminals will also takeadvantage of times of hardship.

For example, afterthe Argentinean collapse of 1999, there was a significant increase in different crimes. Some criminals kidnapped the children of wealthy people and this became the default crime for peoplewho needed money and didn’t mind committing a crime.

People whoshowed an aptitude for crime were then approached and recruited by bigger criminals, turning what started as a rise in crime, into a more alarming rise in organized crime.

In the U.S., organized crime took off during Prohibition a time that was closely linked to the Great Depression.

Organized crime is also a big problem in America, particularlyin New England and along the Pacific Coast.

There are alsothousands of criminal gangs in the country, with a lot of them involved in the drug trade. Drug addicts won’t quit using drugs during a financial collapse and others who are recreational users could potentially increase their drug use.

When SHTF,gangs andorganized crime groupsthat they work with will be even more powerful.During an economic collapse, the crime rate will definitely skyrocket, and you can’t rely on the police then.

Prioritize self-defenseif you want to protect your family and your property from gangs. Learn how to protect yourself by learning a martial art and learn how to use a firearm properly. Explosive governmental growth

During the COVID-19 pandemic, some people in government took to heart the saying “never let a good disaster go to waste.”

Some governors took advantage of the pandemic to keep their states locked down, effectively controlling the population and making businesses lose money. Thousands of small businesses went bankrupt because of government mandates.

During the pandemic, the government controlled society and took advantage of its power.

Even thoughit wasn’t included in any of the “COVID relief” bills, Congress managed to increase the size and power of the IRS exponentially, as a result adding tens of thousands of new IRS agents.

Congress also invested millions of dollars into “pet projects,” many of which add to government power, under the false promise of protecting citizens from “climate change.” (Related: Economic collapse incoming: Sweden hit with wave of bankruptcy filings.) More businesses going bankrupt and closing

Like in America,the Argentinean collapse also resulted in the permanent closing of many businesses.

The rich stopped spending money. This negatively affected the bottom line of many luxury product manufacturers, importers and retailers.

At the same time, people who weren’t aswealthy and who follow the purchasing practices of the rich could no longer afford those products, which also caused thousands of businesses to go bankrupt and close their doors.

There is more wealth in the U.S., but there is also a greater tendency of the average consumerto try and keep up with the wealthy in their purchases and their lifestyle.

Unfortunately,those successful in the younger generation have worse spending habits than their parents. While they may not buy the same products, they spend plenty and don’t save as much money as they should.

During the COVID-19 pandemic in America, businesses that were only supposed to closetemporarily eventually ended up closing permanently.

The “small business assistance” that Congress approved as part of COVID relief went to larger businesses that employed hundreds of employees, but still fit the legal description of “small business,” not the businesses that deserved their help. War

America’s political history is filled with wars. Politicians can easily find ways to get involved in foreign wars.

If you look back at America’s economic history, many of the wars it has gotten involved in happened just at the time when the country was least able to afford to fight a war.America got involved in warsthat ended up helping out the economy during arecession.

This has led some to believe that people in power at the time intentionally got involved in those wars to force the recovery of the economy.

Preppers know that it’simpossible to completelypredict the future, but the events mentioned here are events that can be deduced by closely studying what has happened in the past.

While you can’t always predict what will happen when SHTF, you can prepare ahead of time to make sure that your family is safe amid possible scenarios like an increase in crime in your area.

VisitCollapse.newsto read more articles about the global food and economic crisis.

Watch the video below for tips on how to improve your home securityto protect your family from criminals who are trying to make money after an economic collapse.

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