Tucker Carlson Tells the ‘Most American Story Ever’ – the Rise of ‘Catturd’

One of the things that’s interesting and fun about Tucker Carlson is that he will cover issues and people that other people won’t. He’s not afraid of discussing controversial topics.


But on Monday, he had the “most American story ever” — the rise of a man named “Catturd.” 

Turns out, and hold onto your hats for this one, he isn’t a cat. Well, maybe he is, but he’s a pretty hep cat. 

Now, you may know who Catturd is. He’s a guy on X who’s quite funny and has more than 2 million followers. He’s pretty well-known. He became even more famous when Adam Kinzinger blew a gasket over a tweet he made about Ukraine that perfectly captured the crying for which Kinzinger is known. He became a guy that got under the skin of leftists simply by tweeting some funny basic truths. 


But Catturd revealed who he is without saying his real name, and it’s going viral and has already racked up about 9 million views. 

He’s just a regular 59-year-old guy from the Florida panhandle who rescues animals. He’s open and he’s honest, laying out some of the twists and turns of his life, from starting in the military, then having a back injury, to being a hippie, to his fame today. He got his political awakening by listening to Rush Limbaugh. 

He said he likes being in the background, so he doesn’t want his name out there and isn’t interested in going to events and things. But they call him a “rightwing fanatic” on Wikipedia. He said he calls out the corruption in D.C. He mocked the leftists who called themselves the “Resistance.” “We are the resist,” he said — the folks who object to that permanent corrupt state that involves folks from both parties. “We’re just trying to fix the country.” 


For all that, he’s said he’s gotten death threats and been swatted three times. He even said people cut the heads off rabbits and threw them over his fence. He said his local police have been great at protecting him. 

He laughed about the folks who had “resist” in their bios yet did everything the government seemed to be telling them to do. “They can tell them to do anything, and they’ll do it,” Catturd said. “If you can convince your voters that men have babies? Think about that. You’ve got ’em!” 

“You can tell them to wear a dirty diaper on their head and they’re going to do it,” he laughed. “And they’ll call you racist if you don’t have a dirty diaper on your head.” 

Catturd was concerned about all the woke things that kids are being taught today, then they go onto college where it’s “turbo” brainwashing. 

He’s a Trump supporter and he believes Trump is going to win the primary. He was most definitely not a fan of Nikki Haley, saying he believed she was a dangerous neocon. He said the things being done to Trump were to show anyone who might think of not going along with the club that it would be a bad move, that “we will destroy you.” But all this is only building up Trump, despite all their efforts. 

When asked about a VP pick, he said though he didn’t trust anyone, he was starting to like Vivek because he “p*ssed them off” — “them” being the left — as much as he and Tucker did. 


He said the Republican Party is talking about things while the Democrats are arresting their political rivals, and the GOP needs to learn how to fight. He praised people like Scott Presler, who was working his heart out to help Republicans win. 

People loved his appearance. 



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