Peter Doocy Corners John Kirby On Illegal Immigration: ‘Why Are You Guys Making It Easier?’ | The Daily Wire

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy pressed John Kirby, the National Security Council’s strategic communications director, on the Biden administration’s lawsuit against Texas.

Doocy’s questions followed the recent Supreme Court decision stating that Biden’s Border Patrol could remove razor wire placed along the border by Texas officials hoping to slow the flow of illegal immigrants across the southern border.

“Why are you guys making it easier for people to enter the country illegally?” Doocy asked.

“I don’t believe we are,” Kirby protested. “Why do you think we are?”

“Well, you guys sued to cut razor wire that was put in place by Texas officials,” Doocy replied.


Kirby argued that Border Patrol agents had to cut the razor wire in order to do their jobs, but Doocy continued: “Well, you won in court. So, now what? The Border Patrol union president is saying the Supreme Court’s decision is going to undoubtedly encourage more illegal immigration. Do you guys know better than the Border Patrol union?”

“The Border Patrol needed access, and that’s why we sued to get rid of that razor wire, so that they could do their jobs,” Kirby said again, complaining that House Republicans were preventing the Biden administration from getting the resources and additional manpower necessary to secure the border.


“Does razor wire work?” Doocy asked then.

“Does razor wire work for what?” Kirby asked in response. “Does it work for the Border Patrol to allow them to have the access they need to be able to — to better process people that are trying to get across the border? I don’t think so, and that’s why we asked for it to be removed.”


Doocy tried once more, changing tacks slightly and asking, “But what is the president’s plan? This is happening just weeks after 300,000 people came to this country, over the southern border illegally. The razor wire — officials down there think was keeping some of them out. And you guys just sued and won to remove it.”

Kirby once again claimed that the Biden administration had sued to remove the razor wire in order to ensure that Border Patrol agents had the necessary access to do their jobs.

Rep. Lance Gooden (R-TX) agreed with Doocy’s take on the situation, however, saying, “Texas used razor wire to secure the border. The Biden Admin then sent a cease & desist order. Arizona used shipping containers to secure the border. The Biden Admin then sued Arizona. Joe Biden is actively fighting against efforts to secure the border.”



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