12 Uncommon Prepper Supplies You Need


There are many of prepper supplies that you know you need and that you probably already have. But there are some important items that you are probably missing. It took me a long time in my years of prepping to realize their value and I see new and even experienced preppers not considering these supplies. Rather watch than read? Heres my video.

In todays video we are going beyond beans, bullets, and bandages to explore some of the more under-appreciated overlooked uncommon supplies that every prepper should have stocked.

Important to note, these are items for a LONG-TERM collapse. Im not going to cover anything that you need for a short-term power outage or natural disaster type of situation. Im talking about items to stock for an extended crisis. An apocalypse. Doomsday. Life after SHTF will be difficult, but it will be even more difficult without the right prepper supplies. 5 Common Uncommons

Now I want to touch on what Im NOT going to list as the most overlooked prepper supplies. I call these Common Uncommons. By that I mean, theyre items beyond beans, bullets, and bandages, but theyve been covered enough times by others who say dont forget about this that theyre now common uncommon items if that makes sense.

There are what I consider to be 5 common uncommons. 1 Sanitary Napkins

The first is sanitary napkins, or menstrual pads. This has been discussed to death. Many men say to stock them because you can also use them for stopping bleeding from gunshot wounds and the like something that has been widely debunked in the medical community I might add.

As for women, they already know they need to stock pads. In fact, there have even been books published on this topic. See Period Prepper if you want to learn more. 2 Entertainment

The second is board games or other means of entertainment. This has been discussed at length. But if you dont have any form of entertainment that doesnt include a game controller or handheld electronic device, get some now, get a deck of cards at a minimum. Playing video games in the wasteland wont be an option. Got other means of entertainment?

Youll be busy but youll also have down time, and youll need to keep the mental post-collapse demons at bay. Youll only be able to clean that AR15 so many times.

Incidentally, see my list of the best survival board games if you want to keep with the theme. 3 Toilet Paper

The third is toilet paper. Years ago, when prepping was still fringe, everyone kept saying dont forget the TP. If we learned anything from the COVID fallout is that you should stock toilet paper. Remember all the toilet paper memes? They were so good. Obviously, if its doomsday, eventually the TP will run out, but there are ways around that. 4 Condoms

The 4th common uncommon is condoms. STDs, birth control, filling them with water to throw at your buddies. Whatever. Its been discussed in prepping circles as a forgotten item forever. A common uncommon. 5 Can Opener

Last thing not making the list is a can opener. If I had a dollar for every time a prepper advised dont forget a can opener Id trade all those dollars in for stacks of silver coins. We got it, stock a can opener. Uncommon Prepper Supplies List

Now imagine its a post-collapse world and you need to go raiding for supplies because failed to stock these uncommon prepper supplies. There is what appears to be an abandoned 12-unit apartment building that you can raid.

Were now in the post-apocalyptic world and youre going raiding into the apartment building. Inside unit #1 you find #1 Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil. It can be used for much more than just wrapping leftovers from dinner. Heat Retention: In cold environments, placing aluminum foil behind a heat source like a fire can reflect heat back towards you, intensifying its effects and making a shelter much warmer. Cooking: Aluminum foil can be fashioned into makeshift pots, pans, or grilling surfaces. Wrap food in it and place it near coals or on top of a flame for a quick and clean cooking method. You can also use it to make an improvised solar oven. Signaling: In a world where electronic communication might be down, visibility becomes crucial. The reflective surface of aluminum foil can be used to signal for help or to get someones attention from a distance during the day. Protection: Electronics might become rare treasures. Wrapping them in layers of aluminum foil can act as a rudimentary Faraday cage, potentially protecting them from electromagnetic pulses (EMPs). Just know that building a Faraday cage requires more than just aluminum foil, a topic for another day. Fishing: Small strips of aluminum foil can be attached to fishing hooks as lures, reflecting light and attracting fish. Communication: You can also wrap aluminum foil around radio antennas to extend their reach and enable better reception. Radio will be a key component to post-collapse communications. Sale Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil, 130 Square Feet HEAVY DUTY REYNOLDS FOILThis package contains one Reynolds Wrap heavy duty foil roll measuring 130 feet long by 12 inches wide (130 square feet total)#1 BRAND OF ALUMINUM FOILBacked by over 70 years of quality & strength, Reynolds Foil is the go-to foil for home and professional cooks seeking tools for easy prep, cooking and cleanup $12.99 Buy on Amazon

Using it carefully, and buying the heavy-duty stuff, you can sometimes use it repeatedly. Then, when its completely unusable, crinkle it up and use it to scrape your cooking grates clean, because youll be doing a lot of over-the-fire cooking after the apocalypse.

Bonus whats the shelf life of aluminum foil? Forever. Oh, and dont forget tinfoil hats!

Inside unit #2 we have #2 Multi-vitamins

In a world forever changed, where once-plentiful resources are now scarce, nutrition becomes a prime concern. The vast supply chains, agriculture sectors, and food variety we once knew might be severely limited or nonexistent. Enter the importance of multi-vitamins in your stock of prepper supplies. Balanced Nutrition: In an environment where a diverse and balanced diet might be hard to come by multi-vitamins can fill in the nutritional gaps, ensuring that our bodies get the essential vitamins and minerals they need to function optimally.

You can kill as many squirrels as you want, but are you going to get all of the nutritional needs you have from squirrel meat? No! Dont get scurvy after a collapse. Get multi-vitamins Disease Prevention: A weakened body due to lack of essential nutrients is more susceptible to illnesses. Multi-vitamins can help bolster the immune system and reduce the risk of nutrient-deficiency diseases.

Scurvy anyone? It happens from a lack of vitamin C. It happened to people on the Mayflower. Learn from their mistakes. Energy and Stamina: Surviving in a post-apocalyptic world would require physical and mental endurance. Multi-vitamins can support metabolic processes, ensuring that our bodies convert food into energy more efficiently. Mental Health and Clarity: A lack of certain vitamins, such as B-vitamins, can impact brain function and mood. By ensuring a continuous supply of these vital nutrients, multi-vitamins can aid in maintaining mental clarity and emotional stability in challenging times.

Your mind is your most valuable asset in a collapse. Keep it sharp. Bartering: In a scenario where currency loses its value, essential items become the new gold. Multi-vitamins, with their potential to maintain health, can be highly sought after for trade. As I mentioned, more on bartering toward the end of this video. Conervation of Food: If multi-vitamins can provide a portion of our daily nutritional needs, there may be less pressure to find or consume vast amounts of varied foods. This can aid in conserving limited food resources. Sale Nature Made Multivitamin Tablets with Iron, Multivitamin for Women and Men for Daily Nutritional Support, 130 Tablets, 130 Day Supply Nutritional support supplement: contains one 130 count bottle of Nature Made Multivitamin Tablets with Iron for a 130-day supplyDaily multivitamin with Iron that provides immune support, muscle support, bone support, and energy metabolism support(1) $7.49 Buy on Amazon

While the world around us might change, our bodies basic needs do not. Multi-vitamins, though small, encapsulate the essence of comprehensive nutrition, making them indispensable tools for long-term survival in a new world.

Multi-vitamins typically have a two-year shelf life. Rotate stock.

Inside unit #3 #3 Quality Socks Trust me on this one you dont have enough quality socks to wander the wasteland.

Most people hate getting socks for Christmas. After the apocalypse, everyone will love getting socks.

Look at history to understand the importance of a dry pair of socks. Historical Significance: During the World Wars, a soldiers feet were his most valuable asset. Trench foot, a debilitating condition caused by prolonged exposure to damp, cold, and unsanitary conditions, afflicted many soldiers. Commanders knew the importance of dry socks, and there were instances where they were as valued as food rations or ammunition. Soldiers were often advised to carry an extra pair to ensure they could change into dry socks, reducing the risk of foot ailments. Temperature Regulation: Socks, especially those made of wool or specialized blends, can help regulate body temperature. In cold climates, they prevent heat loss, and in warmer conditions, they can wick away sweat, keeping feet cooler and reducing the risk of blisters. Protection: Beyond comfort, quality socks provide a protective barrier against cuts, blisters, and infections, especially when one might be on the move or traversing rough terrains consistently. Mental Comfort: Theres an undeniable psychological boost in having warm, dry feet. In stressful situations, even a small comfort like changing into a clean pair of socks can uplift spirits and morale. Versatility: Beyond their primary use, socks can serve multiple purposes. They can be used as makeshift gloves, a storage pouch, or even as a pre-filter for water before purifying it. You can even fill them with your silver coins to beat your enemies into submission. Soldiers know the importance of dry socks. Do you?

Socks, by the way, are also a hot item in homeless shelters. Hikers love warm socks, hunters love them, and the homeless.

This doesnt have to be wasted money buying extra socks. Assuming your feet are done growing, you can just buy extra socks and sock them away. When the socks youre wearing now have reached the end of their life, just grab a stored pair and replace the one you took. Darn Tough Men's Hiker Midweight Micro Crew Sock (Style 1466) – Olive, XX-Large Midweight with Cushion – A warm and extremely comfortable choice when conditions demand it, this fine gauge knitted sock provides mid-level cushion density under your foot. True Seamless technology allows for an undetectable seam fusion for an ultra-smooth, invisible feel.Micro Crew Height – A shorter, more concise take on the traditional crew height. Peeks just above the top of a standard hiking boot. $24.95 Buy on Amazon

Its called rotating sock. (Like that little play on words there?) Of course, after the apocalypse, when your socks have holes in them, youll need to do some mending, which brings me to the supplies behind unit #4 #4 Sewing Kit

Is grandma going to be around to mend your clothes well into the collapse. Probably not.

Today, where fast fashion and disposable clothing have become the norm, the art of mending and sewing seems like a relic of the past. As we look to a potentially challenging future, the age-old sewing kit emerges once again as an indispensable tool. Historical Resonance: Before the era of mass production, garments were cherished possessions. Families would hand down clothing from one generation to the next. It wasnt uncommon for a single dress or shirt to be altered and mended multiple times, serving different members of a family across years, even decades. The sewing kit was the heart of such transformations and repairs. Economic Efficiency: In a post-apocalyptic scenario, resources will be scarce. The ability to mend and repurpose clothing using a sewing kit will not only ensure personal comfort but also extend the lifespan of valuable clothing items, conserving resources in the long run. Versatility: Beyond clothing repairs, a sewing kit can be handy for patching up tents, backpacks, or even stitching wounds in emergencies. The needle and thread have uses that go beyond just fabric. Even Rambo used a needle and thread to sew up his wounds. Empowerment and Creativity: Knowing how to sew can empower individuals to create from scratch. Whether its fashioning a makeshift fishing net, crafting a pouch, or designing a new outfit from scavenged materials, sewing skills can open a plethora of possibilities. JUNING Sewing Kit with Case Portable Sewing Supplies for Home Traveler, Adults, Beginner, Emergency, Kids Contains Thread, Scissors, Needles, Measure etc All You Need in Sewing – The kit contains all the necessary tools that are required for performing basic repairs, be it a needles, threads, scissors, buttons, threader tools, seam ripper and all sewing tools.Smart and Compact – The straps holding the spools and tools in their places, which makes you easily to find it out and mend anything you want without any worry to lose it in your bag, purse, drawer or anywhere! $8.99 Buy on Amazon

Live long enough after the apocalypse and fashion will re-emerge, post-apocalyptic fashion. In fact, this is already a thing today. See for example Nuclear Snail Studios, Cult of Chrome, Wasteland Warriors, and Molotov Mollies.

Of course, all of those clothes will get dirty over time, which means youll need #5 Clothes Washing Supplies

While it might seem trivial when compared to food or shelter, history and common sense remind us that clothes washing supplies are more than just a nod to cleanliness; theyre a testament to health, morale, and societal structure. Historical Context: Throughout history, communities have congregated around water sources, not just for drinking, but also for washing. From the banks of the Ganges River in India to the communal fountains of ancient Rome, public washing spaces were hubs of activity. The act of washing clothes was more than a chore; it was a social event, a ritual, and a testament to personal and community hygiene. Disease Prevention: Clean clothing reduces the risk of skin diseases, infections, and pest infestations like lice or fleas. Esecially in damp or crowded conditions, as were common in military trenches or refugee camps in the past, keeping clothing clean was vital to preventing conditions like trench foot or the spread of contagions. Morale and Mental Well-being: The simple pleasure of wearing clean clothes can boost spirits. During the Great Depression, when resources were scarce, people still made efforts to wash and mend their garments, taking pride in their appearance as a semblance of normalcy and dignity amidst chaos. Resource Preservation: Clean clothes last longer. Dirt and sweat can degrade fabric fibers over time. Regular washing ensures the longevity of clothing, especially important when replacements are hard to come by.

You dont have to limit yourself to a washboard either. There are many off-grid clothes cleaning products and supplies out there.

Of course, youll also need to wash those clothes with #6 Bars of Soap

In the aftermath of a societal collapse, the most basic amenities can often hold the most profound value. Among these, bars of soap stand out not just for the comfort and cleanliness they provide but for their vital role in ensuring health, hygiene, and well-being. Disease Prevention: History is replete with examples of how poor hygiene and sanitation have led to catastrophic epidemics. The bubonic plague of the Middle Ages, cholera outbreaks in the 19th century, and numerous other health crises were exacerbated by unsanitary conditions. Soap, with its ability to effectively remove dirt, bacteria, and viruses, becomes a frontline defense against the spread of diseases. If you have the right prepper supplies you might be able to avoid things like cholera. Skin Health: Regular use of soap prevents skin conditions like rashes, infections, and fungal diseases. In a post-apocalyptic world where medical help might be scarce, prevention is indeed better than cure. General Well-being: The act of cleaning oneself can uplift spirits and boost morale. In grim situations, the simple luxury of feeling clean and refreshed can have a profound psychological impact, providing a semblance of normalcy and dignity. Longevity and Portability: Unlike liquid soaps, bars are compact, lightweight, and have no risk of spillage. They can be easily transported and stored, making them ideal for a world on the move or one with limited storage options. Commercial bars of soap are stated to have a 23-year shelf life, meaning you can stock 2-3 years worth of bar soap and just rotate stock. Nothing goes to waste. Economic Value: In a world that shifts from digital currencies and credit cards to bartering, everyday essentials like soap can become valuable commodities for trade.

Reflecting on history, during World War I and II, soldiers in the trenches were regularly reminded of the importance of foot hygiene, with soap being an invaluable commodity. In the wake of a societal collapse, the value and versatility of a humble bar of soap cannot be overstated. It stands as a beacon of cleanliness, health, and a touchstone of civilized living.

Lets march into the next unit to scavenge #7 Topographical Maps

Today it seems our every move is guided by the blue dot on a GPS screen. The significance of the age-old topographical map might seem antiquated. But in a post-apocalyptic scenario, where satellites might be silent and devices powerless, these detailed, physical maps are critical to navigating the wasteland. Have the topographical maps needed to wander through unknown areas? Historical Value: Before the rise of digital navigation, explorers, soldiers, and pioneers relied on topographical maps. They were the silent allies of resistance fighters navigating through unfamiliar terrains during wartime, aiding them in ambushes and stealthy escapes. Understanding the Terrain: Topographical maps provide a detailed representation of the natural and man-made features of the land. Knowing the lay of the land is crucial for identifying defensible positions, understanding water flow and sources, and finding suitable areas for shelter or cultivation. Strategic Movement: In a world where safety and secrecy might be paramount, these maps offer insights into less-traveled routes, helping to avoid potential threats or to locate strategic vantage points. Resource Identification: Certain topographical signs can indicate the presence of water, mineral deposits, or fertile soil. In a world where resources might become the difference between life and death, such knowledge is invaluable.

Maps could also help you find your way to the public library, to access plenty of #8 Field Guides and Books

Weve become accustomed to accessing any information with just a few clicks of a mouse or keyboard. Weve grown dependent on the digital realm to answer our queries and guide our actions. But imagine a post-apocalyptic scenario where the internet, our global repository of knowledge, becomes inaccessible. Suddenly, those physical, tangible field guides and non-fiction books on our shelves arent just conveniencestheyre lifelines. Practical Self-Sufficiency: Field guides focused on local flora and fauna, edible plants, and basic survival tactics become paramount. Without online databases or search engines, knowing how to source food, identify medicinal herbs, and navigate natural terrains will be skills of immense value. Skill Acquisition: Detailed manuals on farming, carpentry, masonry, and basic engineering will be crucial. In a world where professional services are scarce, individuals will need to become jacks-of-all-trades, fixing their shelters, cultivating land, and maybe even constructing rudimentary tools and machines. Medical Knowledge: Comprehensive first-aid manuals, guides on herbal remedies, and basic medical procedure books could save lives. Without the luxury of quick online consultations or nearby medical facilities, these resources will be essential for addressing injuries, illnesses, and other health concerns. Preservation and Conservation: Books on food preservation, water purification, and sustainable living will guide survivors on how to make the most of available resources, ensuring longevity and reducing waste.

Physical books are EMP-proof. So stock up on plenty of prepper books.

They can also be used to teach you how to garden, when youll need to tap into those #9 Heirloom Seeds

Heirloom seeds are not just tiny kernels of potential food post-collapse, but as the very foundation upon which post-apocalyptic societies can rebuild and sustain themselves. Genetic Diversity and Resilience: Unlike many modern, commercial seeds that are bred for uniformity, heirloom seeds represent a wide range of genetic diversity. This diversity equates to resilience, allowing crops to better withstand varying soil types, climatic conditions, and potential pests or diseases. True to Type: Heirloom seeds are open-pollinated, meaning they reproduce true to type generation after generation. This ensures that the tomatoes or beans you plant one year will produce seeds that give you the same quality of tomatoes or beans the following year. Nutrition and Flavor: Many enthusiasts and experts believe that heirloom vegetables and fruits often have superior flavor and nutritional profiles compared to their commercial counterparts. Economic Value: As communities start to trade and barter, seeds can become a form of currency. A reliable source of food production holds immense value in a post-collapse world.

A quick note about storing heirloom seeds.

Ensuring the viability of heirloom seeds over extended periods requires careful storage. Heres how to safely store them for years: Dryness: Moisture is a seeds enemy when it comes to storage. Ensure seeds are thoroughly dried before storing. Silica gel packets can be added to seed containers to absorb any residual moisture. Cool Temperatures: Seeds remain viable longer when stored in cool conditions. A basement, root cellar, or even a cool, dark closet can be ideal. For extended storage, seeds can bekept in airtight containers in the refrigerator or freezer. Darkness: Exposure to light can degrade seeds over time. Store them in opaque containers or a dark environment to protect them from light exposure. Airtight Containers: Using airtight containers, like glass jars with rubber seals, can prevent moisture and pests from reaching the seeds. Vacuum sealing is another effective method. Labeling: Always label your seeds with the variety and date of storage. Over time, its easy to forget or mix up varieties. Regular Testing: Every few years, its a good idea to test a sample of your seeds for germination to ensure they remain viable. If you notice a significant drop in germination rates, it might be time to refresh your seed stock.

Next up is a product I am lacking in my own preps #10 Chlorine Tablets

Make your own bleach, bleach shelf life 6-12 months, chlorine tablets about 5 years, cheaper, lighter, more compact

Chlorine tablets, commonly associated with swimming pool maintenance, will be exceptionally valuable. Their capacity to be transformed into bleach offers a lifeline in a myriad of critical situations. Water Purification: One of the most immediate and pressing concerns in any crisis scenario is access to clean, potable water. Chlorine tablets can purify water, making it safe to drink by killing harmful bacteria and viruses, thereby reducing the risk of waterborne diseases like cholera, typhoid, and dysentery. Disinfection: When converted into bleach, chlorine tablets provide an effective disinfectant solution. This is crucial for cleaning wounds, sterilizing medical instruments, and ensuring the general cleanliness of living spaces, thereby reducing the risk of infections. Food Preservation: Bleach solutions, in controlled amounts, can be used to sanitize surfaces where food is prepared, as well as utensils and containers. This helps in extending the shelf life of certain foods and preventing foodborne illnesses. Laundry and Cleaning: In a post-apocalyptic setting, maintaining clean clothing and bedding isnt just a matter of comfort but of health. A bleach solution derived from chlorine tablets can help in laundering, eliminating bacteria, mold, and other harmful pathogens from fabrics. Long Shelf Life: One of the distinct advantages of chlorine tablets over liquid bleach is their extended shelf life. Stored in a cool, dry place, they can remain effective for years, making them an ideal stockpile item for long-term preparedness. Compact and Portable: The compact nature of chlorine tablets makes them easy to store and transport, offering a concentrated source of disinfection without the bulk and potential spillage issues associated with liquid bleach. Mold and Mildew Control: In damp environments or after events like floods, mold and mildew can pose significant health risks. A bleach solution is effective in controlling their growth, ensuring safer living conditions. Sale Clorox Pool&Spa 23000CLX XtraBlue 3" Long Lasting Chlorinating Tablet, White Controls AlgaePrevents corrosion and scale $8.95 Buy on Amazon

Now, as you progress through our post-apocalyptic apartment building, you hear raiders in the apartment next door. You need to take them out quietly. Did you stock #11 Silent Hunting Tools

Shhhhh! In a drastically altered world where the hum of machinery and the hustle and bustle of modern life have faded, silence can be both a friend and a necessity. When it comes to procuring food, the advantage of silent hunting tools becomes evident, ensuring stealth, conservation of resources, and a minimized impact on the environment. Stealth Advantage: In a world where game might become skittish due to increased hunting pressures or where other survivors might be attracted to the noise of a gunshot, silence is paramount. Silent tools allow hunters to approach and hunt without alerting their prey or drawing unwanted attention. Ammo Conservation: Firearms, while effective, rely on ammunition which might be scarce or hard to manufacture in a post-collapse setting. Silent tools dont have this limitation. Low Maintenance: Many silent hunting tools are simpler in design and construction, making them easier to maintain, repair, and even replicate if needed. The blowgun can be a lethal hunting tool in the right hands.

Examples of Silent Hunting Tools: Bows and Arrows: Time-tested across civilizations, the bow and arrow is an efficient hunting tool. With practice, it offers accuracy and is reusable. Different arrow tips can be crafted for various prey, from fish to large game. Crossbows: A bit more mechanical than bows, crossbows provide a balance of power and precision. They are easier to learn for those unaccustomed to traditional archery but might require more maintenance. Slingshots: Compact and lightweight, slingshots are versatile for hunting small game. With practice, they can be highly accurate. Ammo, like small stones, is abundant. Blowguns: Used by indigenous tribes for centuries, blowguns can be employed to hunt small game silently. Darts can be poisoned for larger game, but one must exercise caution and have knowledge of local flora for safe and ethical use. Traps and Snares: Passive hunting tools, traps, and snares can be set up in strategic locations to catch game. From simple snare traps to pitfall traps or fish traps in streams, these devices work silently round the clock. Throwing Sticks or Rabbit Sticks: These are curved sticks designed to be thrown at ground game, like rabbits. Theyre used to stun or kill, and their design allows them to cover more ground than a straightforward projectile. Spears: A basic but effective tool for hunting, especially when used in tandem with stealth and tracking skills. They can be thrown or used in close combat. For aquatic environments, specialized variants like the trident or leisters can be used for spearfishing.

Last but not least, inside Unit 12 we have #12 Spices

After the SPAM runs out youll be forced to cook whatever you can raise or scavenge, and youll be longing for comfort, taste, and a semblance of the life once known becomes palpable. Its here that spices, often considered mere culinary luxuries in our present day, take on a profound significance.

If you have any doubt on the value of spices when theyre otherwise not readily available at the grocery store, just read up on the history of the spice trade. Spices are like flakes of culinary gold. Flavor Enhancement: In a post-apocalyptic world where the variety of food might be limited, spices become essential in turning mundane meals into flavorful feasts. This not only uplifts morale but can also encourage a better and more diversified intake of available nutrients. Medicinal Uses: Many spices have been used for centuries for their medicinal properties. Turmeric, for instance, has anti-inflammatory benefits. Cinnamon can be beneficial for blood sugar regulation. Ginger aids digestion and combats nausea. Preservation: Before the advent of refrigeration, spices played a crucial role in preserving foods. They possess antimicrobial properties which can help prevent spoilage. For instance, salt can be used for curing, and clove oil has preservative qualities. Pest Deterrence: Some spices can act as natural deterrents for pests. For example, peppermint can repel mice and spiders, while chili powder can deter larger pests.

Storing Spices Long-Term:

To retain the potency and benefits of spices over extended periods, its essential to store them correctly. Cool and Dry: Heat, light, and moisture are enemies of spices. Store them in a cool, dark place to preserve their flavor andpotency. Basements and root cellars are ideal, but even a shaded cupboard away from heat sources will do. Airtight Containers: Exposure to air can degrade the quality of spices. Once youve opened a packet or container, transfer the unused portion to airtight containers like glass jars with tight-sealing lids. Bulk Storage: For very long-term storage, consider purchasing spices in whole form rather than ground. Whole spices retain their flavor and potency longer. They can be ground as needed using a mortar and pestle or a hand-cranked grinder. Oxygen Absorbers: These can be added to your spice containers to prolong freshness by reducing the amount of oxygen, which can degrade spices over time. Avoiding Cross-Contamination: Ensure that you use clean, dry utensils to scoop out spices, as introducing moisture can spoil the entire batch. Regularly Check and Rotate: Like all stored goods, its essential to check your spices periodically for signs of spoilage and rotate them, using the oldest first and adding fresher stock to the back. Prepper Supplies Summary

Preppers often feel overwhelmed looking to complete their stock of prepper supplies. There is so much to sort through and so much to buy. Dont get sidelined by the latest fancy, shiny objects, however. Look at your core needs after a long-term collapse. Use history as an example. Store some of these uncommon prepper supplies and youll be in a good position to withstand at least some of the dangers.



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