NBA Legend’s Daughter Files Restraining Order Against Alleged Stalker With A Gun Obsession | The Daily Wire

Natalia Bryant, 19 — citing “substantial emotional distress” — has reportedly acquired a temporary restraining order (TRO) against an alleged stalker who is obsessed with both her and guns, according to her team.

Entertainment website TMZ reported on Wednesday that a judge had signed off on the order requested by Bryant, who is the daughter of the late NBA legend Kobe Bryant.

Bryant’s TRO bars 32-year-old Dwayne Cortez Toliver Kemp from coming within 200 yards of her and a number of locations she frequents, including her school — University of Southern California — her sorority house, her car, her job, and her home.

TMZ had previously reported that Bryant was seeking protection from Kemp after he allegedly showed up at her sorority house. She and her team claimed that Kemp is delusional and believes he is in a relationship with her.

In the court documents, which TMZ obtained, Bryant alleged that Kemp first contacted her when she was just 17 years old — and he was 30. She claimed that he believed himself to be involved with her romantically, in spite of the fact that she said they had never met and she did not even know who he was.

The situation came to a head when Kemp showed up at her sorority house and even at one of her classes, wandering around the building as he apparently searched for her.

Kemp also allegedly continued to send Bryant unwanted overtures via social media — including, she says, a photo of her late father with a message that suggested he wanted Bryant to have his child: “Thankful For Him Birthing You, Hopefully We Can Birth Him … ‘Kobe.’”

According to the court filing, Kemp has a record of at least four misdemeanor arrests and/or convictions  — and at least one firearm-related charge — and he has reportedly asserted that he is in the process of acquiring another gun, possibly an AK-47. He also claimed that he’d like to purchase a Glock Switch — which is illegal under federal law because it effectively converts a semi-automatic Glock to fully automatic.

The court documents also stated that USC campus police and the Los Angeles Police Department supported Bryant’s application for the TRO.



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