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Comedian Jay Leno gave fans an incredible update about how he’s doing after suffering “significant burns” when one of the cars he’s collected, a 1907 White Steam Car, caught fire in his garage while he was working on it.

The 72-year-old former late-night talk show host assured fans that he will be appearing at a previous scheduled show on Sunday November 27 at a club in Hermosa Beach, California, after being hospitalized with serious burns, Page Six reported in a piece published Tuesday.

“I’ll be performing Sunday at The Comedy & Magic Club,” Leno told paparazzi Tuesday while driving his Mercedes-Benz E55 into the exact garage where the car fire happened on November 13.

“[I’m] hanging in there,” he added when asked how he’s doing. “Everything’s fine.”

Photos of Leno revealing his scars after suffering second- and third-degree burns have surfaced on Twitter and can be seen below.

The comedian was discharged from the hospital on Monday where he spent more than a week being treated for the burns he suffered when he was working to repair a fuel line on the Steam Car when a leak caused gasoline to spray over his hands and face. A spark then caused an explosion, which ignited the gas, as The Daily Wire previously reported.

Leno underwent a series of treatments including grafting procedures on both his hands and face at the Grossman Burn Center in Los Angeles. In video from “Inside Edition,” Leno gave fans a peek into some of his other treatments as he spent time in a hyperbaric chamber for treatment, as previously reported. In the footage, fans can see his left arm wrapped in bandages from his elbow to over his hand. On Leno’s right arm, there appeared to be less bandaging,

The superstar comedian has credited his close friend with saving his life after his quick thinking resulted in putting out the flames that could have otherwise possibly led to his death, as previously reported.

Leno also shared that after “spending Thanksgiving with his family and friends” he plans to continue making a recovery and getting follow-up care at the Grossman Burn Clinic, the outlet noted.

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