Charlamagne Tha God: It’s sad that Democrats can’t find anyone better than Biden to run

Multimedia mogul Charlamagne Tha God gave an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital and he gave his two-cents about the 2024 presidential election and potential candidates. One thing is for sure, he’s not happy that Joe Biden seems to be the best that Democrats can offer as a candidate. He thinks that Biden very likely cannot beat either Governor Ron DeSantis or Donald Trump in 2024.

Even with the media’s insistence on what a victory the mid-term elections were for Biden because the red wave never happened, liberals like Charlamagne are none too impressed with the 80-year-old occupant of the White House. And, he is shocked when he hears conservations by those who do not think that Ron DeSantis can win in 2024, if he enters the race. His opinion is based on the fact that DeSantis won Florida in a landslide and most of America is like the South and the Midwest, not California and New York.

“I think people are sleeping on Ron DeSantis,” Charlamagne said. “I can’t even believe the conversations I’m hearing with people saying ‘I don’t think he can win the national election.’ Why not? What will make them think that he can’t win a national election? Sorry to tell y’all, man. I’m from the south. I’m from South Carolina. More of the country is more like Florida than we may want to believe. The majority of America is more, you know, rural and, you know full of conservative values like in a place like Florida than there is, you know, other places. I think when you live in New York or California, you might be fooled to think that’s the world. That’s not the world. The world is more Southern and Midwest than anything.”

Charlamagne said that though celebrity was important in Trump’s win in 2016, DeSantis has a shot at beating Trump in 2024 because he appears more stable. Voters want less drama.

“But I think what gives DeSantis a good edge is that he seems more stable… We don’t want to go through that cycle of every day in the news, everybody’s talking about Trump. I mean, it just leads to too much divisiveness. You know, it leads to too much anxiety,” Charlamagne said. “I don’t want to see him on Fox News every five minutes. I don’t want to see him on CNN every five minutes. I don’t want to see him on MSNBC every five minutes. And I think, you know, that nonstop media coverage is what helped him the first time. And I think that right now it’s just too many things going on in the world for us to be constantly worried about every single thing that is going on in the world of Trump… So I just personally don’t think that that’s good energy to constantly have out there every single day. I don’t I personally don’t want to go through that. I mean, I know it’s good for the news networks, but I don’t want to go through that.”

Trump has already threatened to expose dirt against DeSantis (and his wife) that he allegedly knows so we already know that a 2024 primary race will likely mirror how Trump went about taking on his many opponents in the 2016 primary. It’s politics, not beanbag, after all, and Trump takes no prisoners.

He pointed to the real problem Democrats have with such a shallow bench of potential candidates. Who, he asked, would the Democrats put up in 2024 if Biden isn’t the candidate? He certainly does not want Kamala Harris to run for president.

“No, I don’t think the vice president stands a chance against Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis unless something magically changes over the next two years, and she pivots greatly, you know, but based on what we’ve seen so far, no,” Charlamagne said.

Another possibility that has been floated by Democrats is Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. Charlamagne doesn’t think that America is ready for an LGBTQ candidate as president. My objections to Buttigieg, though, besides the fact that he’s a progressive Democrat is that he’s been an identity box checker for the Biden administration, not someone who was appointed to the cabinet for his experience and abilities as an expert on transportation. He allowed Biden to refer to him as the first openly gay Secretary of Transportation and that was all the qualification he needed. I know that’s harsh but it’s true. Joe Biden is more interested in checking off identity boxes then matching up qualified people with positions. That’s what Democrats do. The mess we’re in now domestically is proof that we do not have the best and brightest in charge.

Charlamagne has a history of not exactly being a Biden fan. When he interviewed Kamala in December 2021, he asked her if she knew who the president really was. She was so flustered she accused him of talking like a Republican. Republicans, including me, often say that others are in charge in the White House, not Joe Biden, because he is feeble and confused most of the time. He’s not up to the job himself. He’s beholden to the progressive wing of the party and they set the agenda.

In May 2020, it was Charlamagne that candidate Biden told if he didn’t vote for Biden, “You ain’t black.” And in July 2020 he designated Biden the Donkey of the Day , telling him to “shut the eff up forever.” Nope. Not a big fan. Clearly, Biden has done nothing since then to win Charlamagne over.



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