WH Misled the Media About Biden Granddaughter’s Wedding and Some Are Furious

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I wrote earlier about the shameful behavior of the White House when reporters tried to question Dr. Anthony Fauci about the origins of COVID, in what was likely his final appearance at a White House briefing. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre treated reporters disgracefully and unprofessionally, in addition to denying the American people any response to that most important question.

But that wasn’t the only game-playing that they’ve had going on; the liberal media is calling them out in force over Naomi Biden’s wedding at the White House.

The wedding was Saturday, and the White House told the media that it was going to just be “private”–so they weren’t going to allow any of the White House press corps to be in attendance. “They have decided to make this wedding private. It is a family event. It is — and we are going to respect Naomi and Peter’s wishes,” Jean-Pierre claimed.

But then, it turned out that they gave the exclusive rights to Vogue to take pictures before the wedding a couple of days before.

Some “privacy”–and White House reporters were livid that they’d been played, even indicating they’d asked about the Vogue story and been waved off (translate: lied to).

Liberals then attacked the media, especially the Washington Post’s Ashley Parker, for expressing disturbance at the Biden White House.

But the media was right in this instance; it’s hardly a private affair when you’re having Vogue in to shoot.

After Parker was attacked by a lot of Democrats, she dug her heels in, noting this wasn’t the only occasion where the Biden team had shined them on.

NBC’s Ken Dilanian also seconded that they’d faced similar action by the Biden White House.

Even the New York Times’ Maggie Haberman weighed it on why it was important to call out the lying.

But I have another question here — did Vogue pay anyone in the Biden family for the exclusive photos that they did get? That seems to be an important question here. I have another one, too — on the cost of the wedding.

A Rafanelli-produced wedding is not an inexpensive endeavor. The price tag for many of his events starts at around $300,000 and can go into the millions of dollars. “Consistent with other private events hosted by the First Family and following the traditions of previous White House wedding festivities in prior Administrations, the Biden family will be paying for the wedding activities that occur at the White House,” Jill Biden’s communications director, Elizabeth Alexander, told CNN.

Now, I don’t know what they were paying for with that, apart from flowers; they had barely any decoration and it just looked like they threw some chairs out on the South Lawn. Maybe the dresses, the food, and the photography were incredibly expensive. Naomi’s clothes included designers from Ralph Lauren, Jimmy Choo shoes, and a “gold embroidered seafoam blue Reem Acra dress.”

$300,000 at a minimum? Is Hunter the artist paying for that?

I also am curious to know why the young couple has been living in the White House since August 2021; they are both lawyers and certainly well off enough to get a place of their own, rather than utilizing taxpayer-funded facilities.

But while I welcome any media calling out the lies from the Biden team, they’re upset here because they got personally played on the question of the wedding. How about calling out the significant lies that the Biden team is spewing every day? That’s the bigger, continuing problem here. But they’ll blow off steam here, and then go back to ignoring all the other continuing lies.

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