EPIC: “What The Hell Was Biden Thinking?” – President Trump Proclaims November 5 “Christian Day of Visibility, when Christians Turn Out in Numbers That Nobody has Ever Seen Before” (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Jordan Conradson

President Trump responded to Joe Biden’s blasphemous proclamation of Easter Sunday as Transgender Day of Visibility while speaking at a rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on Tuesday.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, “devout Catholic” Joe Biden prioritized transgenders, who he ironically said “are made in the image of God,” over the holiest of Christian holidays this past Sunday.

From Easter Sunday:

To make matters worse, Biden issued his proclamation on Good Friday, seemingly to spark outrage and diminish the importance of Holy Week. Biden also banned any Christian-themed designs from being submitted to the White House’s Easter-themed art contest.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Trump’s campaign responded to Biden over the weekend, saying, it’s “appalling and insulting that Joe Biden’s White House prohibited children from submitting religious egg designs for their Easter Art Event, and formally proclaimed Easter Sunday as ‘Trans Day of Visibility.’” They further called on Biden and White House to “issue an apology to the millions of Catholics and Christians across America who believe tomorrow is for one celebration only — the resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

And on Tuesday, Trump made a proclamation of his own: “November 5 is going to be called Christian Visibility Day, when Christians turn out in numbers that nobody’s ever seen before.”

Trump spoke at two separate rallies on Tuesday in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Green Bay, Wisconsin.

In Michigan, Trump addressed another failure of the Biden regime, “Biden’s Border Bloodbath,” days after an illegal alien from Mexico who had been deported by the Trump administration in 2020 was charged in the March 22 murder of 25-year-old Ruby Garcia, whose bullet-riddled body was found dumped on a Grand Rapids highway.

WATCH LIVE: President Trump Delivers Remarks in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Meanwhile, sleepy Joe Joe Biden stayed in the basement after a long weekend of celebrating transgenders. When Biden appeared at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, he slurred, stumbled, and wandered around the “oyster bunnies.” He also repeatedly sniffed at least one uncomfortable baby. Trump’s top advisor, Jason Miller, called it a “sh*tshow.”

Watch Trump fire back at Biden’s “disrespect to Christians” below:

TRUMP: We’re going to win the White House, and we are going to save our country. We’re going to save our country. And what the hell was Biden thinking when he declared Easter Sunday to be trans visibility day? Such total disrespect to Christians.

November 5 is going to be called something else; you know it’s gonna be called? Christian Visibility Day, when Christians turn out [to vote] in numbers that nobody has ever seen before. Let’s call it Christian Visibility Day. I’ve just come from Grand Rapids, Michigan where I was proud to receive the endorsement of the police…



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