Catholic Nun Mother Miriam Calls Joe Biden “Inept and Evil” — Says “It Will Be an Act of God” to Elect Trump (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

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Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God, formerly Rosalind Moss, a Catholic nun, has publicly criticized Joe Biden, calling him “inept and evil” and suggesting that reelecting former President Donald Trump would be “an act of God.”

This bold declaration came to light through a video shared by Texas Governor Greg Abbott on X.

On April 1, Abbott posted a clip from Mother Miriam’s “Mother Miriam Live” podcast, originally aired on March 6, where she made these remarks. Abbott’s post praised Mother Miriam for “sharing the truth,” a sentiment that has resonated with many of his followers, reported.

“Catholic Nun sharing the truth. Calls Biden inept and evil. Says it would be an act of God to elect Trump. Says voting should be limited to citizens,” Abbott posted.

During her podcast, Mother Miriam depicted the forthcoming November election as “an absolute war [between] good and evil.”

She went on to suggest that a Trump victory would only be possible through divine intervention.

“If Biden is not reelected,” she declared, “it is a complete act of God, because every scheme and every evil is out there that he would continue to be our president, as inept and evil as he is.”

Mother Miriam did not mince words in her assessment of those in Biden’s inner circle either. “The devil is wise. I would not put it past them to do anything,” she said.

She voiced support for policies requiring proof of American citizenship to vote, a stance that aligns with many in the Republican Party.

“I know that recently someone has made a motion that no one should be able to vote who cannot prove US citizenship. I totally agree with that. But there are those in the Democratic Party who do we are up against not just an election, but an absolute war for good against good and evil,” she said.


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