Bill Melugin: Illegals from China, Turkey and India Cross Border in San Diego County (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by David Greyson

Joe Biden’s America.

Footage provided by Fox News reporter Bill Melugin showed two SUVs dropping off illegals at the southern border in Jacumba, California (East San Diego County) on Monday. The group consisted of people from China, Turkey and India. The illegals walked around the border wall into the US without hesitation.

Jacumba, which is about 75 miles east of San Diego, has been a hangout for thousands of illegals after crossing the border. The high desert has been a drop-off location for smugglers for illegals to live in makeshift camps.

The group Border Kindness, which is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that helps provide resources for illegals, has provided food and water in areas where terrain is difficult to traverse in the San Diego mountains.

BREAKING: “Our photographer in Jacumba, CA just witnessed two human smuggling SUVs drop off groups of illegal immigrants who then trot around the border wall and enter the US. People from China, Turkey, & India in this group. This is in eastern San Diego County, and there was only one single Border Patrol agent in the area, per our photographer.” Melugin said on X.


Since January of 2021, there has been an estimated 11 million illegals that have poured into the US. That number is growing rapidly, considering the Biden regime’s unwillingness to stop them.

California has seen its share of illegals pouring across the border. However, Texas has seen worse days. TGP had reported in December of 2023 of a train heading to Eagle Pass filled with illegal aliens.


The border has caused a major divide between the Federal Government and the State of Texas as TGP reported last week.

The Texas National Guard this weekend installed more razor wire in Shelby Park amid an escalating border battle with the Biden Regime.


Texas has received a lot of support with the standoff against the Federal Government. 25 States have sided with Texas in a signed letter.



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