Bud Light Throws Desperate Play Against Boycott With Two NFL Legends, but It’s Not Looking Good

Bud Light pretty much destroyed an iconic brand with its partnership with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney earlier in the year to celebrate his 365 days of womanhood. 


The boycott that ensued saw its stock and its sales take a plunge, losing 30 percent of their core profits and billions in market cap. It has been perhaps one of the most consequential boycotts ever. 

Bud Light’s response was horrible. First, they blew it off. Then, after it was clear the boycott was taking hold, they played these games of putting out ads that they thought would appeal to their male beer-drinking audience but made clear they didn’t understand their customers. 

What they didn’t do was apologize. Once again, their “play” is to put out another ad, with an offer attached, in the hopes of sucking people back in. This time, the ad stars NFL legends Peyton Manning and Emmitt Smith. 

The ad has Manning and Smith tossing cans of Bud Lights around the bar  That says it all, that Manning has to buy a round for the bar, which might be the only way that they could sell the stuff. And neither of them even pretends to be drinking a Bud Light.  


Smith was asked why fans should come back to making Bud Light their beer of choice in the wake of the marketing missteps.

“It’s an iconic brand, and it’s been around sports for a long time. Every brand itself goes through iterations of highs and lows,” Smith explained. “Even the Dallas Cowboys are going through iterations of highs and lows, and it’s been a low for a long period of time because we haven’t been to the NFC Championship Game, etc., etc.”

“So, in this case, I think with what Bud Light is doing to engage with fans is wonderful. They’re providing them with the opportunity to do something very special, very unique. They give them a different level of experience, utilizing Peyton Manning and myself, and I think that is unique in itself because we understand the game and we played in the big game ourselves, and we can relate to some of the things that the fans will experience.”

Except that it wasn’t a “high or low”; it was a deliberate choice to embrace a woke agenda and a person who mocked women. Smith talks about a “wonderful” way to “engage with the fans.” Yet, knowing the fans wanted a response and an apology, they rejected that and threw ads at them instead. That’s still the policy that they’re employing. 


I wonder how much they had to pay out for that commercial. Probably a pretty penny. But it doesn’t sound like it’s convincing anyone to come back, if that was the aim. 

The people who rejected Bud Light are still weighing in, saying it’s not going to happen. 

This exchange says it all. 



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