Politifact Joins ‘Spanish-Language Disinformation’ Grift

The hunt for “Spanish-language disinformation” is proving to be America’s fastest-growing grift: so much so that Politifact is now itching to get into the game.

We have a pretty good notion of what a Spanish-language Politifact is going to look like, thanks to a recent MRC study showing that Politifact is 6 times more likely to defend Joe Biden than it is to fact-check him. From the job posting:

PolitiFact, the Pulitzer Prize-winning politics fact-checking organization, is seeking a fluently bilingual reporter to help us deliver fact-based information to Spanish speakers in the United States.

We’ll be counting on you to help us connect with communities who historically have not had access to fact-checked information. Your fact-checking and communication skills will help our audience understand how a video or photo was manipulated, the missing context behind a political claim, and why facts matter. Some days, you will be explaining the truth behind a viral Instagram video, other days you may be fact-checking a claim from the president of the United States.

This reporter must have full professional proficiency in written and spoken Spanish and English. We’ll strongly consider candidates who have a passion for truth-telling, who are eager to learn, and who understand the value of debunking misinformation amid an extremely polarized political environment. PolitiFact has been publishing Spanish-language fact-checks sporadically for more than a year, but we aim to create a full Spanish-language version of our website.

Candidates must embrace PolitiFact’s core values of accuracy, independence, transparency and fairness. (Read PolitiFact’s “The Principles of the Truth-O-Meter” for more details.)

A core element of Politifact’s foray into Spanish-language fact-checking is the belief that Hispanics are unable to discern between fact and fiction without proper assistance from institutions designated by the enlightened elite as approved purveyors of information to the heretofore underserved community.  

In reality, these moves are about power and control- and are no different from the reincarnation of the failed Univision America talk radio network as “Radio Soros”. Hispanics continue to move away from the left and its institutions, including Spanish-language news media. The left scrambles to hold a restive cohort in line via the buttressing of failed institutions and the creation of new ones. Thus “Politifact En Español” seeks to join Univision, Telemundo, and every other Tom, Dick, and José in an already-crowded “Spanish-language disinformation” market. 

One imagines that Politifact isn’t going to spend its time checking randos on Instagram and WhatsApp, but will go straight to providing cover for Democrats en español. If the recent MRC study and the entirety of Politifact’s conduct serve any indication, it would be foolish to expect anything different.



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