Parkinson’s Doctor on NBC: It’s Parkinson’s

You should always be skeptical of any doctor making a diagnosis without examining a patient. 

But it does make sense to–with appropriate skepticism–take in the information that is out there, put it through a credibility filter, and add it to your store of data to make a common sense assessment of an important question. 


With that in mind, let me share a segment that NBC News Now did with Parkinson’s expert (and lifelong Democrat) Dr. Tom Pitts, who deals with “20 patients a day” with the disease. 

I find his case compelling, if not definitive. Obviously, nobody would begin treatment for any disease without doing a full workup, but nobody is about to start medicating Biden or doing brain implants based on a visual and aural assessment. We are, rather, assessing whether Joe Biden is competent to be president. 

Think of a medical diagnosis as similar to the standard of proof in a criminal trial beyond a reasonable doubt. Think of making an assessment of a candidate or decisionmaker as similar to a civil trial: the preponderance of the evidence. In one case you make a judgment about whether something is true or not; in the other, you are judging whether it is more likely than not to be true. 

I concluded a few weeks prior to the debate–and I am no medical expert–that it was more likely than not that Biden suffered from Parkinson’s or Parkinsonism. 


I started doing research not because Biden was clearly in decline–that has been obvious for many years, as even George Clooney admitted in his Opinion piece in the New York Times earlier today. Rather, specific symptoms have recently become so pronounced that I decided to do some reading and research. 

The stiffness has been obvious for a while, as well as his clear mental decline. But those could be arthritis and creeping senility. What was striking to me was Biden’s lack of blinking, which once you notice can’t be unseen. Biden has a substantially reduced blink rate, which is associated with neurodegenerative diseases. 

Look it up. 

In fact, there have been a lot of studies into using both spontaneous and induced blink rates to diagnose the severity of Parkinson’s progression, as blink rates are tied to dopamine levels in the brain. 

Who knew? I sure didn’t. 

At this point we don’t need to know whether Parkinson’s is the exact diagnosis or whether there is some other cause of his Parkinsonism; we just need to come to grips with the clear fact that his brain is declining. 


A few years back my cardiologist retired early because he had been diagnosed with the disease. He had been cleared to work as long as he got regular checkups (he was not a surgeon, obviously!), but he declined to continue in his job. 

His reason: he didn’t trust that his judgment would remain sufficiently good to provide the highest standard of care for his patients. Parkinson’s can be unpredictable, he told me, and he didn’t want to trust my life and those of his other patients to his declining mental capacities. 

That is what a responsible person does when he cares about others. Unfortunately, Biden is not a responsible person, and never was. He is now and always was in it for himself only. 



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