Offers He Can’t Refuse? Democratic Senate Cosa Nauseous Is Coming for POTATUS

Democratic senators, who just 24 hours ago were ardent supporters of POTATUS’ right to do whatever he wanted, suddenly…have Godfather vibes all over them.


Woof. This is getting downright creepy and Democratic senators are smarmily creepy enough in their own right.


Even the stolen valor lad is speaking up about his “concern” in his most patrician New England accent. The same sincere tones he just used in a rousing endorsement of Biden’s right to keep his butt plopped where it is. 

“I am deeply concerned about Joe Biden winning this November because it is an existential threat to the country if Donald Trump wins. … Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee has my support.”

I believe that maneuver is known as “turn on a dime.” Blumenthal’s a snek in any event and has it perfected.

This very evening, another one of the Democratic Cosa Nauseous family added his voice to the…friendly urgings.


The Daily Caller headline was a hoot for their story about Jon Tester. The Montana senator has his own reelction problems and is not thrilled with having to ride Biden’s flaming coattails to an ignominious defeat.

Biden Got You Down? Embattled Dem Senator Spotted Banging ‘Vodka Cran’ After Telling Dems Biden Can’t Win: Source

Democratic Montana Sen. Jon Tester, who is up for reelection in November and reportedly told his colleagues Tuesday Joe Biden can’t win, was spotted later in the day downing a vodka cranberry by himself in D.C., according to a photo obtained by the Daily Caller.

Tester was spotted at Bistro Cacao, an upscale French restaurant in Washington, D.C. A source told the Caller that the bartender revealed Tester was drinking vodka cranberries and was alone for the duration of his stay.

What’s with the constant, not so subtle, “I know he’ll make the right decision – the patriotic thing phrasing in all of these appeals to a higher sense of integrity than Joe Biden has ever once displayed in his entire life? Who are you kidding, big guy?


I mean, the Bidens have been pretty damn clear he’s running, period, and they do seem determined to remain at their current address. 

As in Ed’s piece earlier with the WaPo moaning, “Can’t Biden take a hint?” –  panicked Democrats and supporters are forgetting who they’re dealing with.

Bidens are a family with no use for subtleties. If they’ve spent the better part of four years wheeling this desiccated cadaver around the world, a few more months – or if they get lucky, however many years until they can’t keep him alive anymore – isn’t anything to stretch it out for what it’s worth to them.

Hell, no. They’re not going anywhere.

You fools put him there, you can suck it up.

Meanwhile, profiles in courage abound in the hallways.


Skittering away. Hilarious.

Oh, gosh. If only someone had kno…HOW LONG AGO was that again, Chuck Todd?


That’s so infuriatingly underhanded. The media continues to prove themselves to be nothing but utter collusive scum.

In the meantime, the geriatric, dementia-riddled sack of carbon and charming family who occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue continue to torment and infuriate Democrats supremely used to getting their way.

As President Biden tries to shore up support on Capitol Hill, congressional Democrats with doubts about his candidacy are making clear they won’t be silenced so easily.

Why it matters: The president has said firmly he is not dropping his candidacy, but nothing he or his team have done so far has been enough to quiet his persistent detractors.

  • “We all acknowledge the reality that this is the President’s decision. From there, some say, ‘Well, he made his decision so the matter is closed.’ But even if they want it to be closed, it’s not always that simple,” Rep. Jared Huffman (D-Calif.) told Axios.
  • He added: “I think this will necessarily continue to be fluid, certainly until we get past the NATO summit but maybe all the way to the Dem convention.”


The CBS Evening News is doing its own helpful hit job on tonight’s broadcast. Kinda help nudge things along.

That chaos alone is almost worth the price of admission.


‘Cuz POTATUS says he’s not goin’ anywhere unless they carry him out. Or God tells him.

Leave the gun, take the cannoli.



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