Joy Reid Attacks Dancing-Impaired White Men, Angrily Defends DEI VP Harris

It’s truly always a Joy! MSNBC’s race-obsessed host Joy Reid had choice words for “white,” “privileged” Democrats who dared to challenge President Joe Biden’s disintegrating campaign for reelection. On Monday night’s episode of The ReidOut, she launched into a series of deranged rants against her favorite target and least favorite race, defending Vice President Kamala Harris from what she alleged was “the right’s new favorite slur.”

Reid opened the segment with a gloating emphasis on growing support for Biden among “the most loyal base of the Democratic Party,” black Americans, reporting on his recent Philadelphia rally in a “black church filled with actual black people.” She continued highlighting the president’s apparently incredible achievements over the weekend before spewing venom at her own party, but only those who don’t look like her:

Reid further villainized conservatives, demonstrating how Republican control of southern states supposedly inflicted immense pain on black Americans, who “paid the highest price.” This suffering eventually affects all other races, just not the whites: 

She also warned that Republicans would elect Trump “as their Project 2025 dictator marionette, and the Leonard Leo Supreme Court conservatives as their star chamber.”

What drew most of Reid’s ire, however, was an article in The New York Post by Charles Gasparino, titled “America may soon be subjected to the country’s first DEI president: Kamala Harris,” which contained what she called “the right’s new favorite slur.” But wait — black women like Joy demanded a black woman on the ticket — for “diversity” and “equity” and “inclusion.” So what’s wrong with the DEI title? Reid ripped into Gasparino and his qualifications to comment on Kamala:

On top of that, she hilariously slobbered over Vice President Word-Salad as way more qualified to run the country than Gasparino:

All of this before a dramatic, perhaps slightly racist closer, where she smugly stated, “Now, go off and write about golf, or dancing off-beat, or whatever your actual skillset is, ‘cause you’re not qualified to discuss the vice president. She’s doing her black job and has no time for you. I, however, did have time tonight. So, there you go.”

The transcript is below. Click “expand” to read:

MSNBC’s The ReidOut


07:04:47 PM EST

JOY REID: And it tracks with what virtually every black person I spoke with or otherwise interacted with in New Orleans, who, again, were from all over the U.S. What they said to me–the most loyal base of the Democratic Party knows Joe Biden is old and that he didn’t do well at the debate. But what they actually care most about is beating Donald Trump. Biden also went to Philly, to a black church filled with actual black people on Sunday–do take notes Republicans–which went like this.

[Cuts to video]

PASTOR J. LOUIS FELTON: If we ever lock arms and come together, there’s no election that we cannot win, there’s no enemy that we cannot defeat. We are together because we love our president. We pray for our president.


PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: I’ve been doing this a long time. And I honest to God have never more optimistic about America’s future, if we stick together. (Transition) We must unite America again. That’s my goal. That’s what we’re going to do. God bless you all and may God protect our troops. Thank you, thank you, thank you. (Cheers and applause) Thank you.

[Cuts back to live]

REID: Okay, that’s an entire black church, and not a black church filled with MAGA visitors, chanting, “Four more years for President Biden.” He then spoke to a group of labor leaders and members in this very important and his real-life home state. 

All of that happened this weekend but please, please, privileged, rich, white, elected Democrats, you just keep publicly defenestrating your party leader and president to feed the media thirst for “Democrats in Disarray” stories. Because you’re scared for your own seats, and apparently don’t know how to campaign on a surging economy, high-tech jobs, and $35 insulin. 

I mean, you’re the most important thing here, right? You and your donors, of course, not the actual voters in your party base who can’t afford to see prices double on everything they buy, due to Trump’s China tariffs, and who would be the first ones fired from their federal civil service jobs under Project 2025, or shot in the streets by Trump’s stormtroopers if they protest. You do you. The media is super entertained and that’s–that’s what’s important.

And, also, this is your brand, right? Remember after Democrats passed Obamacare? Obamacare is popular now, sure. Imagine being able to see a doctor or take your kid to the emergency room. But it wasn’t always a slam-dunk, people-pleaser. And it was actually quite toxic, with some Democrats running away from the president’s signature healthcare reform law. They didn’t want Obama to campaign for them or endorse them. They treated him as a pariah in states where he was deeply unpopular.

In 2014, Alison Lundergan Grimes, a Democratic secretary of state, challenging Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, refused to reveal whether she had even voted for President Barack Obama, dodging a question by reporters and even during a debate of Kentucky’s Senate race.

[Cuts to video]

BILL GOODMAN: Why are you reluctant to give an answer on whether or not you voted for President Obama?

ALISON LUNDERGAN GRIMES: Bill, there’s no reluctancy. This is a matter of principle. Our constitution grants, here in Kentucky, the constitutional right for privacy at the ballot box for a secret ballot. You have that right. Senator McConnell has that right. Every Kentuckian has that right.

[Cuts back to live]

REID: Ms. Grimes had no problem, however, noting that she was a delegate for Hillary Clinton, at the 2008 Democratic convention. The party does this! It’s quite on brand. Running from Obama in 2014 helped to finally complete the Republican takeover of the South, including all but two Senate seats in every state legislature. 

And you know who paid the highest price for Democrats’ scaredy-cat fumblings when a Democrat holds the White House? The same kind of voters who were at Essence Fest. Because Republican control of the part of the country where a majority of black Americans still live has meant dramatic declines in education funding, stalled expansion of Obamacare, radical abortion bans, including threats to jail women and doctors in states like Louisiana, book bans and total bans on teaching accurate black history. 

Black Americans are the proverbial canary in the coal mine. When conservatives hurt us, which they’ve always done, regardless of whether they’ve called themselves Democrats or Republicans throughout this country’s history, the pain is soon shared by everyone of every race, who is not a rich, white, straight man or his loyal anti-woman-voting wife. 

But, you know, freaking out…(laughs) is kind of the Democrat’s brand. The editorial-board class at one point or another has called on every Democratic president, from Bill Clinton on, to withdraw their candidacy for reelection, and elected Democrats have promptly fled from that president. It is kind of a tradition.

Republicans briefly did the same after the “Access Hollywood” tape came out and for a hot second after the January 6th insurrection, when the Chicago Tribune and other papers–even Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal–said Trump should resign. Something none of the major editorial boards did when Trump snatched migrant babies from their mothers, or banned Muslim grannies from coming to the U.S., or killed a million people by lying about Covid, and telling folks to inject bleach into their bodies, rather than just take the vaccine that his own government helped fund the creation of. 

But as we all know, that doesn’t last either time, because in the end, the Republican Party stands for nothing except accumulating power for its own sake and for the sake of tax cuts for their donors. And most of the media just enjoy the drama. But real people actually get hurt by this stuff. 

And over time, the restrictions that Republicans erect to voting and the disillusionment triggered by having every advancement canceled and replaced by increased incarceration, increased poverty and want, while a number of small number of rich people eat up all the money and destroy the literal air non-rich people breathe, creates the kind of vicious cycle that produced 23 percent voter turnout in the off-year election that put Louisiana’s Donald Trump, cruel and awful Jeff Landry, in the governor’s mansion. 

But for the grace of God and voters, America could soon be Louisiana, or Florida, or Texas, or Tennessee, because Republicans are determined to inflict the same poverty, and want, and cruelty, and mass incarceration, and woman slavery, and un-Christian nationalism that they’ve condemned the states that they run, too, on us all–with Trump as their Project 2025 dictator marionette, and the Leonard Leo Supreme Court conservatives as their star chamber. But ask elected Democrats what the real problem is and they, and most of the media, will tell you it’s Democratic presidents, every time. 

Meanwhile, we got a taste of what conservatives have in mind if elected Democrats and donors succeed in driving Biden off the ticket in favor of Vice President Kamala Harris. This person, writing at the Rupert Murdoch rag The New York Post, rolled out the right’s new favorite slur, sliming Vice President Harris as the DEI-hire vice president. To which I have both a question and a statement.

First, the question–exactly who are you, Charles Gasparino? Like, literally who are you? And what qualifies you to write an editorial about the presidency, even in the dollar-store New York Times, other than you being a white guy? Like, what are your qualifications besides that, Charles? Are you, like, a presidential historian or something? No? Oh, right! You’re just a discount rat, conservative, generic, racist, angry person. Not sliding in on unqualified at all, are you? 

And now the statement, which I will edit to PG-13, as this is a family show. We are not going to let a bunch of mediocre, whiny conservatives turn Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into a slur. That lady you’re sliming was the attorney general of this country’s largest state and a United States senator, which fully qualifies her for her current position as Vice President of the United States. 

And, if she were to become president, not only would she have earned it by getting tens of millions of votes–and thus becoming a duly elected official–DEI–she would also possess more qualifications than you–what was the–what was the name again?–Something Gasparino?–could ever hope to have on your best day. Now, go off and write about golf, or dancing off-beat, or whatever your actual skillset is, ‘cause you’re not qualified to discuss the vice president. She’s doing her black job and has no time for you. I, however, did have time tonight. So, there you go.



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