Communists Win? Let the ‘Investigations’ Begin!

For all the terrified pearl-clutching and smelling-salt-waving our American Left is doing at the very prospect of the 2025 Donald Trump Revenge Tour… 


…it has completely escaped their notice, should any of it actually happen, that they (paraphrasing Eddie Murphy in Delirious)brought that sh*t on your ownselves.” 

What Jenn Psaki is warning about with the potential of a Trump presidency is their loss of the power they now hold after successfully weaponizing government to spuriously destroy the lives of those who would actively oppose Democrats’ policies and positions.

“…and essentially unravel the rule of law as we know it…”

The rule of law as they “know it” and have managed to completely corrupt and manipulate it is a slanted, vicious machine of vengeance and compliance worthy of any old-time Soviet or Mao-inspired politburo.

Hell, no, they don’t want that lost. Nor do they want the depths of their treacherous perfidy exposed to the disinfectant of public scrutiny and then to be held accountable.


That would be the worst – being held accountable for the betrayal of every American principle, from the scummy orcs in the bowels of Justice and intelligence to the preening peacocks on the networks who willingly did the regime’s mouthpiece facework.

The screeches of “defending against the existential threat” that Trump and, say, parents at school board meetings or Christians posed to “OUR democracy” (always their definitions) have allowed these Leftist progressive sycophants to cloak themselves in the robes of twisted, evil, anti-American, anti-constitutional crusaders in order to save the rubes from themselves. While conveniently consolidating their own grip on power over nearly every facet of American lives short of regular bowel movements.


Joe Biden, his puppet-masters, his enablers, and his minions have all acted in concert from before Trump’s election in 2016 to reach this point. The constant legal warfare was planned and escalated as Democrats won more power through elections, and Biden’s victory was the brass power ring.

Prog Democrats did what leftists do when they win control. They seize more. It’s a movement DNA thing. They can’t help themselves.

That the American people are so unbowed and uncowed after almost eight years of constant assault and betrayal on every front, yet look to be gearing up for a wickedly decisive repudiation of every leftist overstep of the past has the perps – all of them – simultaneously snarling in impotent rage and weeping for mercy from their fetid corners. 


The French citizenry had themselves a moment of rebellion against the elites two weeks ago. The euphoria of watching Rally Nationale, Marine LePen’s populist party, sweep to an astonishing victory in the first round of the snap elections was quickly tempered by the frantic, entirely legal Leftist deal-making that began within minutes of the final tally.

Thanks to that, the results of this past Sunday’s second round were devastating for RN. France is now looking at the possibility of a vile, anti-Semitic communist as its potential prime minister, with a four-party ruling coalition of socialists, communists, Leftists, and Greens.


Such nice, normal people who only want the best for “their” country are now in power.

LePen’s party is now large enough in representation to cause trouble but not big enough to overcome the socialist blocks arrayed against them.

There’s another way to tell who lost the elections on Sunday – if communists do the meme. 

Right on schedule, they did.

The article says LePen is “not the only candidate” being investigated, but dang if she isn’t the only one mentioned throughout the entire thing.

Do tell.

In Germany, the blowback against the spectacularly successful AfD (Alles fur Deutschland) continues in the face of the populist party’s recent election triumphs.

The courts will continue to do what voters wouldn’t – recognize and punish the party for being “threats to democracy.”


Yeah. About that “democracy” definition.

Pretty fluid when it’s in the mouths of progressives and socialists, isn’t it?

I think we need a ruling on who the “existential threat” really is and we’ll use our own sources.



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