The Cringe is Strong: Kamala Harris Mocked for BET Awards Appearance

Kamala Harris thinks she is so close to becoming president, she can taste it. She is out in public and before the cameras like never before, especially after last week’s presidential debate.


Harris tried to gaslight CNN’s Anderson Cooper by telling him that Joe Biden had a bad start to the debate but finished strong. I don’t know what debate she was watching but it wasn’t the one that Cooper and everyone else were watching. He took her to task for saying such nonsense, as he should have done. 

Nonetheless, Kammie persisted. She pre-taped a video for Sunday night’s BET Awards with actress Taraji P. Henson (Empire), the show’s host. The campaign goes on and Biden is hemorrhaging black voters, as well as other minorities. Kamala was there to deliver campaign talking points. I wonder how many takes she had to do. You can see the Paid for by Biden-Harris in the left-hand corner of the video. 

After bringing up the fact that she and Henson are graduates of Howard University, Harris asked Henson what was on her mind, prompting the actress to sigh: “Oh, Madam VP Harris, I’m worried about the election.

“Women’s reproductive rights are on the line. Our Supreme Court is on the line. Our basic freedoms are being tested, Madam VP. I know you’ve been traveling across the country, what are you hearing?”

“Yeah, girl I’m out here in these streets,” Harris responded. “And let me tell you, you’re right, Taraji. There is so much at stake in this moment. The majority of us believe in freedom and equality. But these extremists, as they say—they ‘not like us.'”

Notice the cadence? “Yeah, girl I’m out here in these streets” is quite the flex from reality. What streets is she talking about? She referred to a feud between rapper Kendrick Lamar and his rival, Drake. 


The last line was a reference to Lamar’s diss track “They Not Like Us,” which capped a heated feud between the rapper and his rival Drake. The track quickly became a chart-topping hit for Lamar, who was largely seen as having emerged the victor following the high-profile war of words.

Yeah. I didn’t know about this feud, either. But, I can tell you that when I covered primetime television shows and awards shows for NewsBusters, it was very normal for the BET Awards shows to go political. Viewers just assume it will happen.

Kamala’s lame skit, a pander to black voters, was panned on social media. 

In the video, Kamala tells the usual lies that Democrats tell to scare voters. It’s all malarkey but they don’t care. They just want a Democrat in the White House and Kamala hopes that Democrat is her.

Elsewhere in the clip, Harris said: “There’s a full-on attack on our fundamental freedoms. The freedom to vote, the freedom to love who you love, the freedom to be safe from gun violence, the freedom for a woman to make decisions about her own body and not having her government tell her what to do.”

As Kamala called for everyone to register to vote, she said Republicans want to “turn back the clock on our hard-fought progress.” That brings back a flashback to Joe Biden telling a predominantly black audience at a campaign rally in 2012 that Mitt Romney, the GOP presidential candidate, wanted to put them back in chains. 

This is all they have got. There is no vision for the future, other than codifying Roe v Wade. That isn’t going to happen because Democrats don’t have the 60 votes in the Senate and they know it. They think voters are stupid. 


The other theme of the campaign is just as insincere. Our democracy is doing just fine, thank you very much. After the January 6 riot, the process went on. Trump left the White House when he was constitutionally required to do so on inauguration day. Biden was sworn-in and the rest is history.  

Democrats always do what they accuse Republicans of doing. Biden and his minions launched lawfare against Trump to keep him from winning in November. So far, that hasn’t worked out so well for him. The DNC got Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. off the Democrat primary ballots so he moved to being an independent candidate. Democrats cocooned Biden by denying Democrats an alternative, even though a majority of Democrats wanted another candidate. Democrats think he is too old. His poll numbers are at historically low levels. This is all of the Democrats’ making. 

Joe Biden promised a return to normal. None of this is normal. A Biden victory in November ensures a President Kamala. She’s waiting in the wings with a smile on her face. 



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