New Spin: Biden’s Aides At Fault Because ‘Age Has to Be Managed’

This is an odd argument. Biden’s aides are at fault because they let Biden do his job instead of managing his schedule more tightly. 

Biden is fine, as long as you keep him from having to do his job. 


We have come a long way from Hillary Clinton’s 3 A.M. phone call. 

Now we are being treated to the argument that a president who is lucid in between the hours of 10 A.M. and 4 P.M. is good enough and that allowing the president to be seen outside those hours is a fatal mistake being made by his aides. 

Why? Keeping a senile man who can’t maintain a train of thought is key to saving America’s democracy

“I really question his schedule. It makes me angry that he was moving across the world on four different time zones. It seems to me this is a lack of discipline,” Brzezinski said. “These were important events that he was going to, but the stakes in this election could not be any higher. Like many, I want to know, was this a one-off episode or a sign of what’s to come? Can his team and the president himself move forward with more discipline and also manage the fact that he is 81? And while we’re at it, let’s talk about his age. Age is wisdom and experience. In the case of Joe Biden, it leads to more bipartisan legislation passed than any president over the past few generations and the largest expansion of NATO’s alliance in history. Under Joe Biden and his age, America is stronger economically and militarily than any time in half a century.”

“While facts may not matter to Donald Trump and his friends in the far-right media, those are the objective facts. That is the undeniable truth,” Brzezinski said after tallying Biden’s accomplishments as part of a monologue extending over the first 15 minutes of “Morning Joe,” with her husband and co-host, Joe Scarborough, absent. “Here’s another truth. Age also needs to be managed. On my 50 over 50 lists, I celebrate women who are reaching their highest power while over 50, 60, 70, 80, even 90, and, yet, every one of those women are managing their fabulous age. I – I don’t think it’s over.”


Sure, the leader of the free world meeting his counterparts in the G7 is important, but what about Donald Trump? If Donald Trump wins the left will lose a bit of its power, and that is much worse than having a president who can’t control his bowels. 

This argument actually makes sense to liberals, which is scarier than almost anything else. It shows how depraved they are. They lust for power no matter what the cost to the American public or the world. 

Mika either thinks being president is no different than being a world-class fashion designer or magazine editor, or she simply doesn’t care. Morning Joe is Biden’s favorite TV show and not having a president boost her ratings is totally unacceptable. 

This is how desperate the left has become. 

No doubt much of this messaging stems from intense discussions with the White House, which is now trying to use Biden’s age as a talking point. 

Sure, Biden has lost a step. But he is a wise, compassionate, and experienced leader who fights for you. Besides, Trump is Orange Man and Orange Man Bad. 

Dems are circling the wagons because they have no choice, and they have no choice because Biden’s hangers-on like Jill and Mika don’t want to give up the perks and privileges that come from having power. 


As I said earlier, Democrats have chosen to go on a long, slow death march



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