MSNBC’s Resident Wacko Joy Reid Claims Biden’s Health Irrelevant — ‘He Could Be in a Wheelchair, I Don’t Care, As Long As Trump Doesn’t Win’ (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hᴏft

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MSNBC’s resident wacko Joy Reid has taken her rhetoric to new heights, suggesting that Joe Biden’s health is irrelevant as long as former President Trump does not regain the presidency.

In a video released on TikTok, Reid is having a total meltdown, accusing the Supreme Court of siding with Trump over his claim of absolute immunity.

“They have granted monarch-like powers to Donald Trump and declared him immune from prosecution for any acts that can be declared official acts. So any acts that he conducts as President, and said that any act he conducts as president, which may have resulted in crimes, must be presumed to be official acts if they are done through the purview of the presidency,” Reid said.

This is yet another instance of Reid’s severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), where any action or decision related to Trump is met with irrational hostility and criticism.

“This election is no longer about the old guy that’s in the White House now. Like, all the op-ed pages and The New York Times can run around and opine about what Joe Biden should do. And you know, you all have fun with that. Enjoy yourselves, intellectual thought leaders. I no longer care. It doesn’t matter to me anymore,” the far-left host said.

“It’s above Joe Biden now. Don’t care about Joe Biden’s age infirmity, that he shuffled when he walked. I don’t care. He could be seated for the rest of from now to election day and never get up off a chair. He could sit down. He could roll around in a wheelchair. He could be on a skateboard, seated. I don’t care. Donald John Trump cannot be allowed back into the White House,” Reid added.

Reid’s rant did not stop there. She proceeded to make unfounded claims about members of the Supreme Court and their alleged involvement in the insurrection. She further accused them of planning to dismantle rights won in the 20th century for women, laborers, workers, children, Black folks, and non-white immigrants.

Reid also took aim at Republican governors whom she accused of repealing the American century because they supposedly yearn for a return to the 19th century when “super-rich white men, unchecked and untaxed, amassed great wealth.”

Reid concluded her tirade by urging viewers to vote in November, warning that they are voting for their lives.

“You cannot allow Republicans to control the White House, the House, and the Senate, and the Supreme Court, and all of these states,” she said.




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