Meet the Latest Batch of Illegal Migrants

As you may recall, back on March 21, reporters were speaking to border patrol agents near the border close to El Paso, Texas when they witnessed (and filmed) a horrific series of events. A mob of more than 200 illegal migrants stormed the border, tearing down the fence and rushing the border security officers and the Texas National Guardsmen who attempted to stop them. The pushing and shoving escalated to brawling, with at least one migrant seen stomping on the knee of one of the guardsmen who had been knocked down. You might have been wondering what happened to those guys. Sadly, you probably won’t be all that surprised to learn that dozens of them are not only still here, but they have been released to freely roam about the country with their ten million fellow “new arrivals.” (NY Post)


They took part in a riot at the border — and then were welcomed into the US.

Dozens of migrants who were accused of violently storming the border at El Paso, Texas on March 21 have been released into the country, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesperson confirmed to The Post.

It’s the latest shocking gut-punch to accountability after 211 migrants were caught on video by The Post rushing toward the US border and attacking Texas National Guardsmen who tried to turn them back to Mexico.

At least one migrant was seen stomping on a service member’s knee during the melee.

The journey from the original riot to where we find ourselves now is a bit complicated. Originally, all 211 rioting migrants were arrested and charged with a variety of crimes. But on May 8, a judge in El Paso dismissed the charges against all of them based on a technicality, saying that the matter hadn’t been properly moved from the local district to the county, so he lacked jurisdiction to proceed. The migrants were then released from state custody and turned over to ICE. But ICE once again said that they didn’t have enough space to detain them all and they released 43 of them with orders to appear in immigration court at a later date.

This is an outrageous outcome because every one of those illegals should have been seen as the gold standard for detention and deportation. They did not cross the border at an authorized port of entry. They weren’t even escorted quietly and patiently by coyotes through a gap in the border fence. They showed up at the border and their very first actions upon reaching our nation were to destroy government property, cross into our country illegally, and physically assault law enforcement officers and uniformed service members. 


Every last one of them should have been locked away in a prison cell to await trial. We could have found space for them even if we had to release some other, lower-priority candidates. Heck, we could have just tossed them in the back of a tractor-trailer with a port-a-john and tossed in some bottled water and sandwiches. Failing that, ICE should have simply taken them all back to the border and marched them back into Mexico with a warning that if we saw any of them at the border again they would be shot. Let them all hire lawyers and take us to court if they don’t like it. This is our country, not theirs.

ICI is claiming they can’t deport the migrants fast enough and authorities need to make room at detention centers for “the worst of the worst.” In general terms, I can’t really argue with that but there are still some serious issues with that explanation and the policies that are currently in place. First of all, ICE should be able to take their time when processing the illegals and they would have that time if the migrants were all forced to wait in Mexico. Also, it’s certainly important to prioritize the detention of the worst offenders, but the vast majority of the illegals are coming here from countries that don’t cooperate with the United States when we request background information. Most of them discard their identification before reaching the border. We can’t very well sort out “the worst of the worst” when we don’t even know who a lot of them are.

Don’t believe the hype coming from the White House. The southern border is still entirely broken and none of Biden’s recent actions have improved conditions measurably. None of this is going to change until the border is fully sealed and the required resources to fully staff immigration enforcement officials and courts are put in place. We’re going to need a new president in order for all of that to happen.




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