I Am Tired of the ‘Trump Lies’ and ‘Biden Has Integrity’ Meme

There have been countless stories about President Biden’s mental collapse on stage, and as far as I can tell, every one of them (at least in the mainstream media) takes some time out to trash Trump as a liar and praise Biden as a well-meaning truth-teller. 


As Biden–the Biden who could still speak–would say: c’mon, man!

There are plenty of reasons to hate Donald Trump, and if you are an insane Lefty who loves high taxes, incompetent government, international chaos, and mutilating children you have more than enough reason to love Biden’s presidency. 

But Biden’s integrity and decency are not among them, because he has neither in abundance. 

His entire career has been defined by his outrageous ability to lie, his willingness to use his power to help his friends and family, and his constant reinvention of his biography to suit his audience. 

As for Trump, people have plenty of reasons to dislike him (or more), but almost all the “lies” he tells are obvious hyperbole and not real attempts to deceive. It is absolutely true that if you take everything literally Trump is almost never telling the truth–for instance, he just said something like “I have never been younger” (I forget the actual quote, but it was literally false), but to call that a “lie” is just plain stupid. 

Everybody knows what he meant; he just said it in pure Trumpese, and if you can’t understand Trumpese by now that is on you, not Trump. 


The Federalist has a story on 20 lies Biden told during the debate, and they are all consequential in a way that Trump’s exaggerations rarely are. The Charlottesville hoax, for instance, the claim that no troops have died under his watch (remember, speaking of watches, his staring at his during the dignified transfer of a troop he got killed?), and many others. 

But comparing “lie” to lie is stupid because the most important and most consequential one is this: Joe Biden, his administration, and the vast majority of the mainstream media have engaged in one of the most outrageous hoaxes in American history:

Our president is senile!

It’s not as if the evidence hasn’t been there. Lots of us have been pointing it out. Foreign leaders have apparently been PLACING BETS on how long he can remain in office! The G7 leaders who we have been told love, respect, and seek leadership from Joe Biden actually think he is a senile old man who can barely walk and talk. 


Compare that to any “lie” Donald Trump has told. Joe Biden is not currently the real president; his aides know that. Many in the mainstream media know that. Our allies know that. 

And they have perpetrated a hoax on America and the world to prop up their own power. 

Don’t lecture me about lies. That is one of the biggest, most brazen, and most consequential lies in decades. Billions of lives have been put at risk. 

Because Ron Klain, Jill Biden, and all the rest of them want to hang onto power. 

Lecturing us about “compassion,” “integrity,” “honesty,” and decency from this crowd is about as offensive as anything I can imagine. It’s like getting a human rights lecture from Pol Pot, Idi Amin, and Ayatollah Khamenei at a DEI seminar. 

Geez. Give it a rest. I am running out of my anti-nausea meds, and I need them for when I get migraines. 



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