Dems Fantasizing About Biden Ordering Trump Murdered

No doubt many of them have had this fantasy for a while–partisans can get a bit overwrought, you know–but it takes one a bit by surprise to see how many Democrats are openly suggesting that Biden order a drone strike or send Seal Team Six to take Donald Trump out. 


Ostensibly, the musings are in reference to the Supreme Court’s rather modest ruling on presidential immunity, which reasserts the obvious conclusion that in certain cases directly related to his core responsibilities, the president has absolute immunity and in related actions, has presumptive immunity. In personal actions, he has no immunity. 

This leaves open the question of what constitutes each type of action, but that is what legal arguments are for, as always. 

Liberals have misread this, intentionally or not, to mean that presidents can do anything without consequence during their time in office. The decision says no such thing–it simply ratifies a pretty obvious power the president has to make tough decisions regarding national security and give qualified immunity in most–a bit of expanded power that is similar to what police officers enjoy. 


The misreading of the Supreme Court decision is intentional on the part of some commentators (as part of their campaign to discredit the Court), but I suspect most of the people musing about Biden killing Trump are just letting their freak flag fly. They are openly expressing their hatred of Trump under the guise of criticizing the Supreme Court. 

However tempting it is to accuse Democrats of calling for Biden to assassinate Trump, that’s a bit too extreme. Surely many wouldn’t mind seeing somebody take out Trump because lots of people roll that way, I don’t think anybody in the Democrat establishment is seriously calling for an actual assassination of Trump by the president. 

It’s hyperbole, although it’s in really bad taste. 


The real point of this is to up the anxiety level among Democrats that Trump would use the (imaginary) power granted to him by the Supreme Court to round up and imprison or execute his political opponents. That has been a theme they have been pushing for weeks or months now, and is the essence of their “Democracy is at stake” argument. 

In their mind, this is a two-fer: an attack on the legitimacy of the Court and upping the fear factor regarding a Trump win. Conservatives who are latching onto these Tweets as Democrats calling for Trump’s murder are missing the point and the intended audience. This is all about jacking up the anxiety of Democrat voters and reminding them of how much they hate Trump and how important it is to change the Court. 


It’s true that Democrats are putting a target on Trump’s back, but it is not a literal one. Rather, it is part of their bogus argument that Trump is a danger to democracy somehow. 

The message is not “kill Trump,” but rather that “Trump wants to kill you.” 

Democrats have a voter motivation problem. Before the debate Biden was slipping; after he is near death. This is an attempt to use the Supreme Court immunity decision as a defibrillator for his campaign. 



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