Biden Campaign Scrambles to Keep Hollywood Donors Happy

Hollywood’s big Democrat donors are freaking out after President Biden’s disastrous debate performance. Some threaten to cut off campaign contributions unless Biden is switched out with another Democrat.


The debate was supposed to show the world that Biden can do the job. His performance was supposed to reassure those worried about his age. His physical and mental deterioration is apparent to anyone who wants to be honest but the problem was that Democrats, the White House, and the media all covered for him. They all lied to the American public that Biden was fine. We were told that behind closed doors Biden was energetic, vigorous, and sharp as a tack. 

The real Joe Biden showed up for the debate and it was horrifying. Biden can’t function without a speechwriter and teleprompters. He obviously is not the one running the country. Jill Biden and his inner circle in the White House do that. The United States is being run by committee, not Biden.

What to do, what to do? 

Top Hollywood donors in the media and entertainment business are in a panic. The cover-up has been exposed and it is reported that 48 million people watched the debate. Everyone knows what they saw. There is no more cover-up that voters will believe.

“With all the text chains I’m on, people are basically like, ‘If he doesn’t drop out, we’re not giving any more money to Democrats or the Democratic Party.’ It’s like super intense,” said one high-profile Hollywood donor.

Adds another who is plugged in at the highest level of Hollywood fundraising: “There is a sense that the money dried up last night about 10 minutes into the debate.”

The initial response from most Democrats in the media was intense. They wanted Biden to drop out so that Trump would not win in November. A little time has passed now and the shock of Biden’s performance is wearing off. Some supporters are hoping that Democrats will calm down and rally for Biden, even though he isn’t up to the job. They just want to beat Trump and hold the White House. 


They hate Trump more than they love America. The campaign turned to actor Robert De Niro to help with Hollywood’s reaction. I know

Despite the alarming media coverage, other Hollywood donors took a less dramatic position, with one calling Biden’s CNN debate showing “concerning” but vowing to remain in his corner, while another notes that the town’s check-writers will back the Democratic Party regardless of whether the sitting president is atop the ticket or not. It’s also worth noting that many of the donors contacted by Variety were responding to the torrent of criticism and concern raining down on the party’s presumptive nominee in the immediate aftermath of the debate. Faced with the prospect of another Trump term, their feelings could soften and they might return to the fold and to raising money for the president.

By midday Friday, Biden’s reelection campaign put out an email blast from from a Hollywood big name in Robert De Niro, who asked for recipients to feed the campaign coffers. “It’s going to take all of us to make sure Donald Trump never returns to the White House, so I’m personally asking: Will you please chip in $25 to the Biden-Harris reelection campaign to help ensure Donald Trump never steps foot in the White House again?” the message read.

Did they not see De Niro’s unhinged news conference outside Trump’s hush money trial in Manhattan? It was a clown show. De Niro, like Biden, isn’t able to speak coherently without a script. The campaign is stuck with him, though, because it made a big deal about De Niro agreeing to be a campaign surrogate. 


Democrats are stuck with Biden and they are stuck with De Niro. 

Michael Tyler, a campaign spokesman, tried to convince reporters that no discussions were going on about Biden bowing out of the race. His argument in favor of Biden was that sure, Biden had a bad night but he’s still the better candidate because of Trump’s ‘bad vision’ for the country. 

We didn’t hear Biden’s vision for the country during the debate. The campaign playbook is to trash Trump and hope the red meat will get voters to the polls. Enthusiasm is down with Democrats and Biden’s polling is bad. Biden doesn’t have a vision for four more years because he isn’t capable of having one. It will be the vision of those running the country now – Jilly from Philly and administration officials – The Committee. I’m convinced of that.

The campaign is hoping to show that donors are not spooked. It announced $14 million in the 14 hours after the debate came in. 

A big name in Hollywood, Jeffrey Katzenberg, is a Biden campaign co-chair. He’s a huge donor and organizes big fundraisers, like the recent one in Hollywood with George Clooney and Julia Roberts. Biden left the G7 a day early to rush back for that event. Katzenberg is said to be taking a wait-and-see attitude. The same is said of Haim Saban. He sent an email to two Biden aides criticizing Biden’s move to withhold military support to Israel. That email was leaked, allegedly by the White House, and Saban has kept a low profile since then. 

Biden is running on abortion and saving democracy. He couldn’t even get his view on the abortion issue right during the debate. A political adviser to Hollywood donors, Hannah Linkenhoker, said she was unhappy that Biden whiffed on the issue


“We need a champion who can properly hold Trump accountable and articulate what’s going on and be crisp on this issue above all else,” she said. “It’s just really hard to see how we keep supporting him. He needs to dig deep about whether he can in good conscience be our nominee.”

As the world saw, there is no ‘crisp’ left in Joe Biden. He’s done. Jill has taken over. She’s not willing to go away. She wants the power and the perks. She will continue to abuse her husband for as long as she can. It’s dangerous for our country and it’s unacceptable to practice elder abuse to keep Biden in the White House.



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