Team Biden’s Latest Copium Over Debate Debacle Is Something to See—Plane Banner Delivers Real Message

The Democrats can’t argue away the debate debacle. 

Even Joe Biden acknowledged during his stop in North Carolina on Friday that he didn’t have a good showing. Of course, what he didn’t say is that’s the way he is most days, so most of his appearances aren’t “good.” 


Democrats and the media have tried to ignore/hide/cover up this problem for some time now. They’re acting like it’s something just discovered. But we’ve been shouting it from the mountaintops for a long time — it’s been there for all to see. 

Now they’re at a crossroads, contemplating the question of him stepping aside as a candidate, assuming they can make Jill agree. 

It’s their fault that we’re in this position now with him occupying the most powerful office in the land and putting us at risk. Who knows just exactly how much his feebleness has cost us, in addition to his bad policies? I believe both cost us the lives of those 13 wonderful young military members in Afghanistan during the withdrawal, in addition to so many other things. That’s on Biden and the Democrats and their desire for control. 


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We see some Democrats and media trying to play justification games, acting like Biden’s behavior was just a “one-off” or a “bad night.” 

But the worst copium of course is coming from Joe Biden himself and his team. 

He was at a fundraiser at New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy’s house on Saturday night and he actually tried to convince the people there that he did something good. “Research during the debate shows us converting more undecided voters than Trump did,” he reportedly said, as our sister site HotAir noted. 

Is he kidding? Maybe he converted undecided people away from him — that I would believe. 


That’s delusional. It’s also not a good look when you can’t accept reality. 

He also spread nonsense about gaining with Democrats. 

Independent voters weren’t the only ones Biden claimed to have won the support of — he also told the New Jersey crowd that his polling numbers among Democrats moved up after the debate.

The notion flies in the face of several surveys released in the last two days, including one commissioned by The Post that saw Biden’s support dwindle after taking on Trump.

Jill also claims now he told her right after the debate, “I don’t know what happened. I didn’t feel that great.” Uh-huh, but then he said at the Waffle House that he thought he did well. So Jill, what you’re telling us is that, again, he lied. 

But she claimed at the Hamptons fundraiser on Saturday, “Joe isn’t just the right person for the job. He’s the only person for the job.” So much for the hopes of Gavin Newsom. It doesn’t sound like Iron Lady is giving it up, at least not until she gets a better offer. 

It sounds just like with the “cheap fakes” false narrative, they’re going to try to blame the media for Joe’s implosion. Check out this seriously demented copium: 

“If we do see changes in polling in the coming weeks, it will not be the first time that overblown media narratives have driven temporary dips in the polls,” the Biden team says in a talking points memo. 


Don’t believe your eyes, don’t believe the media who protects us constantly but can’t hear, it’s all just “overblown.” 

How could anyone with a conscience vote for these slimy people? 

Ultimately they will probably just resign themselves to that position because the alternative is to bribe him out of the race by doing something to keep Jill happy, but then that would be followed by a jockeying for power which wouldn’t look pretty. So it may not help them if they try to go that route. 

But despite all their desperate cope, it’s not looking good for Biden any way you slice it. The CBS post-debate poll was devastating for Biden, as my colleague Susie Moore reported.

Perhaps the plane flying over the Hamptons fundraiser summed it up the best as it flew a streamer across the sky reading “BI-DONE!”


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