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The Democrat party is reportedly in a state of chaos following Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performance against President Trump.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Friday that Doug Kass, a hedge fund owner and a prominent figure within the Democratic party, disclosed insider information about an emergency meeting between President Biden, his former Chief of Staff Ron Klain, and former President Barack Obama.

According to Kass, Jill Biden is pushing for Joe Biden to run for re-election, a move that has apparently created internal conflict within the campaign. Vice President Kamala Harris is allegedly “furious” about being overlooked as a potential replacement candidate.

“What I am hearing regarding Joe Biden. Ron Klain and Barack Obama are having a sit down with the President today. Jill Biden is insistent that Joe runs. Kamala is furious that she is not being considered as a replacement (Whitmer and Newsom are). Interestingly, my neighbor in East Hampton is hosting the Bidens tomorrow. It will be an important tell if the fundraiser is cancelled,” Doug Cass wrote on X.

On Saturday, Joe Biden attended a high-profile fundraiser in New York’s Hamptons. The event, hosted by hedge-fund billionaire Barry Rosenstein and his wife Lizanne, took place at their sprawling 18-acre oceanfront estate in Long Island.

Following the event in New York, Biden traveled to New Jersey for another campaign reception. This fundraiser was held at the waterfront home of Governor Phil Murphy in Middletown.

“I didn’t have a great night, but I’m going to be fighting harder,” Biden told attendees at the home of Murphy. “Donald Trump is a genuine threat to the nation,” he said.

While Biden was campaigning with Gov. Phil Murphy in New Jersey, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) held an emergency call with its members. The call was reportedly an attempt to reassure members following Biden’s disastrous debate performance.

As reported by the New York Post, “The Biden campaign is working overtime to quell the overwhelming panic after the President’s disastrous debate performance — and even had party bigwigs set up a call with members to talk them off the ledge.”

During this hastily arranged call led by Biden campaign manager Julie Chávez Rodriguez and DNC chairman Jaime Harrison, they tried to downplay the significance of the debate. A source informed the New York Post that there was only a “passing reference to the debate,” and that the discussion focused on moving forward.

A spokesperson from the DNC attempted to dismiss concerns about the call, stating it was simply one of their regular quarterly meetings. However, sources indicate that this was a last-minute effort to contain any discontent arising from the debate.

MSNBC also reported that this emergency call was an attempt to reassure party members shaken by the debate fallout.



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