Billionaire David Sacks Perfectly Describes What Democrats and the Biden Regime Have Become: ‘The Mask Has Come Off’ (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Mike LaChance

David Sacks is one of the Silicon Valley billionaires who is now supporting Trump and helping to raise money for his campaign.

During a recent episode of a podcast that he co-hosts, he perfectly described what the Democrats and the Biden regime have become. Sacks suggests that this is not politics as usual. He says that the people behind Biden are basically using him as cover to retain power, while they loot the republic and reward the various special interest groups that are part of their coalition.

Sacks also suggests that Biden’s awful debate performance tore the mask off of this act and exposed it for all the country to see.

Transcript via Twitter/X:

“The Democratic party is a collection of interests who want to remain in power. The Democratic Party is the party of government. Its goal is to allocate money and power from the government to the collection of interests who back the Democratic Party. In other words, it’s basically a collection of interests who want to loot the Republic.

Well obviously, no one’s going to vote for that. So they have to make it about something else. They choose a figurehead, they talk about how this is about saving democracy. They basically invent, hoax after hoax, lie after lie to basically maintain their power.

And I think what’s happened is, the mask has come off, the whole shell game has been revealed. It’s obvious that Biden was always a puppet for these interests who were hiding behind him. And now, it’s all being exposed.”

Watch the video below:

That really is an astute analysis of where we are as a country right now.



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