Steve Bannon Will Host War Room Outside Federal Prison on Monday – Calls On Merrick Garland to Tune in (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

Steve Bannon hosted The War Room for his final Saturday show before he reports to prison on Monday.

Democrats are jailing the most important MAGA voice in America today – and they are forcing him to prison for four months only to release him in November, days before the election.

Bannon’s crime was refusing to testify before the illegitimate Pelosi Jan. 6 Committee. This is the same crime that former Obama AG Eric Holder committed and numerous Democrats since then. Attorney General committed a similar crime when he refused to turn over Joe Biden’s video deposition in his son Hunter’s criminal case. Will Republicans have the guts to jail Garland?

For committing this crime, a Democrat judge decided to jail Steve Bannon for four months before the 2024 election. Again, Steve is the most important voice in MAGA, besides President Trump, in the country today.

Before Steve signed off today, he announced he will host his final show outside of the Danbury Prison on Monday.

Steve Bannon: We’re going to do a special tomorrow night on Real America’s Voice. It’ll be up on all of our distribution platforms. It’ll be Charlie Kirk, Jack Posobiec, and yours truly. A special edition of War Room from 8:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time to 9:30.

Then the Change of Command show, temporarily being relieved by the War Room working group and our co-host, will be on Monday outside of the federal prison at Danbury.

Yes, baby, live, 10:00 to noon. We want to giver Attorney General Merrick Garland – You should tune in, sir. Your name may get mentioned a couple of three times.

Via War Room and Post Millennial.



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