Hilarious: Adam Kinzinger Endorsed Joe Biden, Then Came the Debate. Now, Watch Him Scramble.

There has been a lot of news with the debate over the last few days. 

But I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to laugh at former representative Adam Kinzinger, now political creature for CNN (who would have guessed he would take that route — except everyone). 


Let’s face it, Kinzinger is known for bad moves, not the least of which was throwing in with the Democrats on the disgraceful Jan. 6 Committee. But he truly made the blunder of all time. As our sister site Twitch reported, on Wednesday before the debate between Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump on Thursday, he endorsed Joe Biden. Let’s start with your first laugh, as you listen to him endorse Joe Biden: 

“As a proud conservative, I’ve always put democracy and our Constitution above all else,” he claimed. He then spread absolute malarkey about Trump as well, in the endorsement

It’s not a surprise to anyone that he endorsed Joe Biden since he’s been in bed with the Democrats. 

But it’s hilarious that he calls himself a “conservative” when he’s voting for Joe Biden. Let’s just leave Kinzinger’s Trump hatred aside for the moment. You’re not a conservative if you would support Joe Biden, who has acted like a leftist since he occupied the Oval Office. Biden has attacked everything that conservatives care about and has greatly harmed our Republic. Anyone who cared about the Constitution would know it was his duty to rally people against Biden. He doesn’t care about the Biden administration’s and the Democrats’ violation of Constitutional norms. So much for Kinzinger being a conservative. 


I’d also note a conservative would say “republic” if he understood our foundation and our Constitution. Sounds like Kinzinger needs to read the story I wrote about the terms “republic” and “democracy.” But he speaks like a Democrat and a person who works for CNN. CNN thinks they can use him to represent being “conservative.” 


Then, of course, came the debate debacle. So, how did that commitment to Biden go for Kinzinger? 

By Friday, he was reposting people who were calling for Biden to step aside: 

When asked about if Biden should take himself off the Democrat presidential ticket, Kinzinger didn’t defend Biden:

“I’m not gonna go there, because that’s gonna be a messy process,” Kinzinger said when asked by CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer if he believes “it would be a good idea” for Biden to take himself off the top of the Democratic ticket.

“Democrats have to figure out how to put up the best candidate — and that may be Joe Biden — but how to put up the best candidate to defend democracy, because the risk in November is not a joke,” said Kinzinger,


He was nailed on CNN later when he was asked if he was backtracking on his endorsement of Biden, and if he was sorry he did it. 

If he had a conscience and cared about the country, he would have admitted to making a mistake. But once agai,n Bad Move Kinzinger weighed in. 

Trump supporter David Urban laughed at him, and asked how that was going for him. He also asked him if he wished he hadn’t endorsed him: 

“No, no!” Kinzinger squeaked in protest. “I don’t wish that I didn’t endorse him.”

Then the kicker was his hilarious reasoning. He claimed he was “proud” of standing “against the habitual liar who lies about everything from January 6th to his golf game.” 

Um, Adam, how clueless can you be? You just endorsed a habitual liar, someone who even in the debate lied his head off. You endorsed someone who told a shameful lie about Charlottesville. You endorsed a man who told a shameful lie about no members of the military dying on his watch, ignoring the men and women who were indeed killed on his watch, because of Biden’s bad policies. You don’t seem to care about any of that. 


But it’s funny to watch him try to scramble after jumping aboard the Bad Ship Biden–as it’s taking on water and about to go down. 


Biden’s Claims About Telling the Truth During Debate Get Demolished by His Most Shameful Lie of All



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