Freefall: Major Swing State Newspaper Tells Biden to ‘Pass the Torch’ After Debate Fiasco

On Friday, it was The New York Times who called on Joe Biden to exit the presidential race to “serve the country.” On Saturday, another major blue-city newspaper—The Atlanta Journal-Constitution—followed suit with their editorial board writing, “The shade of retirement is now necessary for President Biden.”


Although they were complimentary of Biden throughout the article, they couldn’t pretend they didn’t see—as we all did—that the commander-in-chief is no longer in possession of all his faculties:

Throughout the excruciating 90-minute forum Thursday night, the president failed to convey a competent and coherent vision for the future of America. He failed to outline the most fundamental aspects of his platform. He failed to take credit for the significant accomplishments of his 3½ years in office. And he failed to counter the prevarications of an opponent, who, according to CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale, lied 30 times during the course of the debate, approximately once every 90 seconds of his allotted time.

First of all, neither CNN nor “fact-checker” Daniel Dale is particularly trustworthy, and Biden was too busy lying himself to have time to counter the supposed prevarications of Donald Trump. But even as the AJC is correct in pointing out that the debate was disastrous for Biden, they do so for all the wrong reasons. None of the points in that paragraph above address the real concern with the president: that he’s not fully there and is in no way capable of running the most powerful nation on earth.


They did, however, admit that he was past his prime and that it was time to go:

Biden has pledged to do all he can to prevent Trump from returning to the White House. The election is still four months away. If he truly hopes to defeat Trump, he must pass the torch to the next generation of Democratic leaders and urge the party to nominate another candidate at its convention in Chicago in August.

As I reported earlier, it’s astonishing how many pundits and “experts” are suddenly surprised by Biden’s performance and having conniptions about the election. His compromised state has been on display for years now, and it’s been getting markedly worse to anyone who has their eyes open.

Were you not paying attention?

Watergate Journo Bob Woodward Belatedly Sounds the Alarm on Biden—Debate Was a ‘Political Hydrogen Bomb’

STUNNER: NY Times Editorial Board Calls on Biden to Leave Presidential Race ‘to Serve His Country’

Liberals are crying in their milk in Georgia tonight and blasting the AJC because they know this is another serious blow to Biden’s chances. Atlanta is of course in Georgia, a crucial swing state which Biden won by a sliver in 2020. If Trump could take it—like he did in 2016—it could be a death blow to Biden’s reelection hopes. Currently, the RCP polling average shows the former president up by four in the Peach State.


Bitter tears:

With all due respect @ajc, please stick to covering the news instead of trying to make it and let the voters decide.

The Journal-Constitution concludes with this sad line, “Biden deserves a better exit from public life than the one he endured when he shuffled off the stage Thursday night.”

I don’t mean to be cruel… but no he doesn’t. Not after what he’s done to this country.



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