Iowa Supreme Court Upholds 6-Week Abortion Ban, Users Cry About Losing ‘Right’ to Abort

The Iowa Supreme Court decided Friday morning to uphold a six-week abortion ban. As a result, pro-aborts who want unrestricted abortion expressed their dissatisfaction on X. 

The ban makes it so that when a woman reaches six weeks of pregnancy, she will no longer be allowed to murder her child, likely with a detectable heartbeat, in the womb.

The ban makes special exceptions for some situations. In cases of rape, a woman will be legally allowed to abort her baby if the assault is reported to law enforcement within 45 days, in cases of incest if reported within 140 days and, of course, if necessary to save the life of the mother.

The Iowa Supreme Court ruled in a 4-3 vote to remove an injunction that was blocking the fetal heartbeat abortion law, and the ban is expected to begin in about three weeks while the case is formally received by the district court. Until then, the former law of the land, a 20-week ban, will continue to apply.

Applying our established tiers of scrutiny, we hold that abortion restrictions alleged to violate the due process clause are subject to the rational basis test. Employing that test here, we conclude that the fetal heartbeat statute is rationally related to the state’s legitimate interest in protecting unborn life. We thus reverse the district court order entering the temporary injunction blocking enforcement of the fetal heartbeat statute and remand for further proceedings.

While the ban will save many babies from death by abortion, many individuals were less than pleased with the results.

Iowa state auditor Rob Sand said the decision “strips reproductive freedom away from Iowa women.” That’s a common leftist phrase that’s a lie. The reproductive process is when a baby’s life is created, but abortion is when that life is ended. Abortion isn’t part of the reproductive process.

One individual called it a “dark moment for our state.” A father noted that it was “disappointing and infuriating to watch my daughter’s rights repeatedly attacked and ripped away,” and added that the ruling is “restrictive and dangerous.”

Sir, nobody has the “right” to kill an innocent baby. Full stop.

Vice President Kamala Harris said the following in a tweet:

The Iowa Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the state’s dangerous abortion ban will lead to a health care crisis for women across the state.

We must restore the protections of Roe so women in Iowa and every state have the freedom to make decisions about their own bodies.

Others chimed in noting that the decision will “rob” women of their “right” to kill their babies and some called it “HORRIFIC” by idiotically claiming that the ban on abortion will “undoubtedly put lives at risk and worsen America’s already horrendous maternal health care crisis.”

Goodness gracious these people are dramatic! This is a win for life. Get over yourselves!



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