If Joe Shouldn’t Be the Candidate, He Should Leave Office Now

The reality that Joe Biden isn’t just past his sell-by date but an actual danger to the world as president is settling in. 

Democrats are in active discussions about how to replace him and whether he will accede to their wishes, but that brings up the obvious question: if Joe performed so badly that he must be replaced as a candidate, doesn’t that mean he is actively a danger to the well-being of America and the world?


Obviously, the answer is “Yes.” Joe fell apart last night, and he was only facing his American opponent for president armed with nothing but insults. Putin, Xi, Kim, the Ayatollahs, and all our adversaries have real weapons and a desire not just to take away Joe’s nice home, helicopter, and the best private jet in the world. They want to reshape the map of the world and are willing to kill thousands or millions to accomplish that task. 

In other words, Joe Biden has to be replaced as president. 

I don’t mean his name has to be taken off the ballot for this November. I mean, he must be ushered out the door, either voluntarily or by the actions of his cabinet. 

Of course, The latter will never happen, and the former is unlikely. But that is what the country needs. 

Unfortunately for both the country and the Democrats, that means that Kamala Harris would become the 47th President of the United States. We are in a sad state indeed when that cackling fool is a better option than the current president, but there we are. 

The Democrats obviously have this possibility in mind when considering what to do. Literally, nobody besides Kamala, her husband, and her few friends want Kamala to be president, and were she to become the president, she would be the Democrat nominee. 


All that talk about attractive alternatives to Joe Biden? Gavin Newsom? Gretchen Whitmer? Michelle Obama?

Poof. Gone. Kamala would automatically be the candidate unless she stepped aside. Good luck with that. Getting Joe Biden to agree to leave is a stretch goal. Betting your future on getting two politicians to voluntarily relinquish power is what we would call a stretch goal, to say the least. 

So, we will see yet another betrayal of the country in the name of political expediency. Even if Democrats manage to convince Joe to go, they are going to leave an obviously enfeebled man as President of the United States until after the election. 

We can all joke that a dead Biden is better than a living Kamala, but practically speaking, that is not true. 

Kamala may be horrible, but at least she is alive. The country could survive seven months of Kamala Harris. I think. We survived Jimmy Carter at the height of the Cold War. 

Biden? I am not so certain. He showed himself to be what we all knew him to be: mentally dead. If another crisis arises–and one surely will with Biden in charge–we could be facing a 25th Amendment crisis on top of whatever else the country faces. Can the country survive both an internal and external crisis simultaneously?


Probably. Would you bet the lives of every person on Earth that this is true? The Democrats are doing so right now. 

Democrats would rather face that very real possibility than accept the certainty that Harris would be their candidate. Believe it or not, until last night, Harris was less popular than Joe himself. She would surely lose. Just as surely as Joe. 

So yet another thing is certain: unless Joe Biden literally dies in office, he will remain president until January 20th, 2025, or at least November 5th. Perhaps the Democrats would let Kamala have the consolation prize of being the first female president in between the election and the inauguration. If Jill Biden would let them. 

Republicans have been warning about Biden’s brain for years, but the mainstream media has lined up with the Democrats to hide the fact that he is no longer with us. They have pushed the “cheap fake” narrative because they hate Republicans more than they love America–if they do love America at all anymore. 

So now we get yet another betrayal of the American people.  I can understand the Democrats. We know that all politicians lust for power. We expect political parties to be in it solely for themselves. 


But the so-called “Fourth Estate” is supposed to protect us from the expected lies of politicians. It is literally their JOB to do so. 

Unfortunately, we are now in the position that of all people, Kamala Harris would be a better president than our current one. It will not happen, though, because the entire Elite desperately wants to keep their power after the election. They would rather have a senile old man with the IQ of a turnip face off against the worst people in the world than face certain defeat in the next election. 

Betrayal is not a strong enough word. 



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