Did a Little Early Morning Front Page Post-Debate ‘Lying Liars Who Lie’ Survey

One thing I noticed, post-debate last night, while I was in the middle of glorying over that spectacular CNN meltdown and also trying to get snaps of the hysterical chyrons.



This was the best one, though.



What really starting grating on me was no matter how panicked they were while busy dumping on Biden for being a barely functioning carbon-based meat sack from the moment he shuffled out to the podium in comfortable and stable shoes, they would invariably qualify their statements with something along the lines of  “Trump just stood there lying like he always does.” Or “And all Trump had was his usual lies.” Etc., ad nauseum with nary any examples of specific lies proffered to back up the repeated accusation. 

Hang on a minute, there, Jack! That was the worst criticism of Trump they had, which wasn’t backed up by any proof at all? 

Well, seemed kind of childish, but I guess they were compensating for the frustration of watching Trump utterly wipe the floor using their dementia-riddled geriatric presidential creation like a Swiffer duster.

They make sure the lie thing sticks, though. Sticks to Trump, I mean. From the Bloomberg email this morning:

Joe Biden failed to ameliorate concern about his age in the presidential debate, offering remarks in a hoarse voice and often misspeaking and meandering. A thousand-yard stare on the split screen didn’t help.

  • Donald Trump won the debate, according to 67% of watchers polled by a CNN flash poll.
  • Democrats expressed alarm about Biden’s candidacy, but the president told reporters he intends to stay on the ticket.

Trump repeated falsehoods and exaggerated claims—largely without being fact-checked—but spoke confidently and appeared robust.

  • He accused China of “killing” the US and alleged that Biden was bringing America closer to a world war.
  • On abortion, Trump took a more middle-of-the-road stance, saying he supports certain exceptions and wouldn’t block access to abortion pills.


See? That’s all they’ve got. Biden sucks because he’s totally ancient but Trump lies, lies, lies.


Aka Trump lies.

As for “fact-checking” those Trump “lies” when they got around to them, HOLY SCHAMOLY.

Trump claims Biden “went after” his political opponent in New York “hush money” case to damage him: False        

Trump: “[Biden] basically went after his political opponent (Trump) because he thought it was going to damage me, but when the public found out about these cases, ’cause they understand it better than he does, he has no idea what these cases are, but when they found out about these cases, you know what they did? My poll numbers went up, way up.”

Details: There is no federal jurisdiction over a state case. The Manhattan district attorney’s office is a separate entity from the U.S. Department of Justice. The department does not supervise the work of the Manhattan D.A.’s office, does not approve its charging decisions, and it does not try the D.A.’s cases.

By Pete Villasmil

Trump claims Biden wants open borders: False

Trump: “He wants open borders. He wants our country to either be destroyed or he wants to pick up those people as voters.” 

Details: When he took office, Mr. Biden reversed numerous Trump-era immigration policies, including a program that required migrants to await their asylum hearings in Mexico. U.S. Border Patrol has also reported record numbers of migrant apprehensions along the southern border during Mr. Biden’s presidency. But Mr. Biden has never endorsed or implemented an “open borders” policy.

In fact, Mr. Biden has embraced some restrictive border policies that mirror rules enacted by his predecessor. In 2023, his administration published a regulation that disqualified migrants from asylum if they crossed into the country illegally after not seeking protection in a third country. 


Trump’s reference to former VA Governor Ralph Northam’s disgusting infanticide comments were also refuted. But you can listen to them from the horse’s mouth here as a refresher (if you can stand to, they’re so ghastly) and know the network was stretching badly to call it a lie.

CBS “fact-checked” NINE Trump “lies” to three of POTATUS’s. And, oddly enough, CBS missed this POTATUS whopper.

I don’t see how. It’s not even open to interpretation. Doesn’t that make it, like, a “lie” or something?

Or do they have a separate category for “Scummy old man’s fish tales” because he’s going to totally ball the story up anyway and you can just blame that.

Biden’s not “lying” – just ask Robert Hur.

He can’t because he has no brain left. Trump obviously does.

So Trump lies, even when he dosn’t.

Lather, rinse, repeat, repeat, repeat.

If this is the best they can do, they’re in serious trouble… 


…and panic might be all they have left.

And that’s no lie.



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