Bring Out Your Dead: Chicago Will Pay Extra to Bury ‘Gun Violence’ Victims

Such a cheery place, the Windy City.

Where the haves and the have-nots live in a constant state of friction between those whose lives are spent ducking bullets from criminals and those who want to keep criminals on the street in the name of social justice.


Take Cook County District Attorney Kim Foxx. She’s pretty famous in her own right for a number of high-profile cases that have gotten national attention. But she really has left her mark on the local Chicago neighborhoods, where her no-crime-too-fine-to-do-time attitude has kept the streets…well…spicy with plenty of hardened thugs and carjackers on pre-trial release. 

Foxx has her touchier-feelier compadres helping out her agenda in the county courthouses, too.

But don’t think for two seconds that there aren’t some crimes that even Kim Foxx won’t tolerate. Oh, hay-yull, no.

Carjack a priest? ‘S’okay. Kill a retired firefighter or be a twelve-time convicted felon rifling through a neighborhood house until the owner beats you with a frying pan?

She’ll allow it (still waiting to hear if the frying pan owner is being charged for assault and battery).


What you don’t ever, ever want to do is…chuck a Big Gulp at Miss Foxx.

That’s a felony they’re throwing the keys away on you for.

Ah, the Chicago haves strike again.

But all’s not lost is in the dark reaches of the lower-income neighborhoods that Kim Foxx keeps dumping criminals back into. The broken down, desperate places of little hope that Mayor Brandon Johnson wants to take protective police aids like ShotSpotter away from.

Sad to say, it’s not like these places have much in the way of competent representation to advocate for them as it is…

…but as anti-police as Mayor johnson is, he is willing to step up and do something for the folks in areas wracked by gun-violence.

He’s going to increase the money that the city gives families to help pay for funerals.

The Democratic mayor of a city that’s been battling with gun violence announced he was expanding a program that offers money to victims.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson’s announcement comes after more than 70 people were shot during the Father’s Day weekend and the death of a 7-year-old boy who was shot by a stray bullet.

The Emergency Supplemental Victims Fund started in 2022 as a pilot program under former Mayor Lori Lightfoot, according to Johnson.

Today, the program will begin to offer victims $1,500 for funeral and burial expenses and $1,000 for families of victims needs who have suffered a loss, he explained.

Today is a step forward in our effort to achieve long-lasting peace and safety in all of our neighborhoods throughout the city of Chicago,” said Johnson. “Most of all today is a demonstration of our commitment to investing in people and of course providing the support they need.

Johnson said the relief can provide a “path and journey to full healing.”

The mayor also noted that the program can provide safer communities.

At least 71 people were shot, nine of them killed, across the Windy City from June 14 to June 17, reported WLS who cited Chicago police.


Isn’t that special?

I’m sure those people would rather have their loved ones back and the perpetrators of the violence incarcerated because most of these murders are done by repeat offenders.

But when cops and safety are a low priority for the socially progressive haves…

…Summer is coming soon, and Chicago summers usually bring an uptick in crime. That, combined with the Democratic National Convention coming to Chicago this year, has people holding their breath about whether the short-staffed CPD will be ready.

“What we’re doing right now is making the best with the number of officers that we have,” Chicago Police Supt. Larry Snelling said at a public forum with the Commission for Public Safety and Accountability last week.

Snelling recently acknowledged his department’s shortcomings.

“We are down,” Snelling said. “We’re down close to 2,000 officers.”

… it’s the have-nots in the poorer neighborhoods who suffer the most.

Handing them a bigger check isn’t the same as having your child home safe.

I’ll grant you a Big Gulp attack can be traumatizing – the judge who held the bail hearing was horrified by the implication of a cup full of liquid and a spit-covered straw after living through COVID.



The haves are sure bullets are so much safer.

Plus, they write you a check.



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