After the Debate Showed the World Joe Biden’s Not Wearing Clothes, Things Get Tricky For Democrats

I wrote a couple columns months ago that Joe Biden wouldn’t be the nominee. Unlike the majority of Americans, I watch Joe Biden’s movements, literally and figuratively, professionally as the producer of a syndicated political talk show. It’s all part of show prep. 

I have seen and clipped for broadcast hundreds of files of Joe Biden ever since he became vice president back in January of 2009. In the 2020 cycle, a principal reason for my support of Donald Trump’s reelection was that I did not believe Joe Biden, even four years ago, was physically and/or mentally up to the job. He’s gotten noticeably worse with each successive year. 

Last week on the Hot Air Week In Review VIP podcast I am blessed to co-host with the Boss, I expressed how stunned I was that the debate Thursday night was actually going to happen. It truly wasn’t hard to predict what we ended up seeing. After all the swagger Joe Biden could muster in a jump-cut-laden video challenging Donald Trump to a very early debate, believing that there would be no way that Trump would accept such lopsided terms, the Former President waited maybe a nanosecond before replying, on the Hugh Hewitt Show live, that he’d do a debate anytime, anyplace, anywhere, with any moderators. He called the bluff. 


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My thinking was that once the verdict came down in Lower Manhattan by Banana Republic Judge Juan Merchan, Team Biden had the perfect off-ramp. I figured they would simply issue a statement about the importance of maintaining the dignity and honor of the presidency, and how it would besmirch the office to stand on stage next to a convicted felon, so the debate was off. Yes, there would be a political price to pay for Biden to deploy this emergency parachute, and the price might indeed be high. But whatever that price in polling, support, and money from donors, it could never be as steep a price as showing America and the world unfiltered the Joe Biden I’ve seen decline steadily and appreciably for years. 

The debate did indeed take place. I could share with you all of the policy discussions, such as they were, and why there’s a real difference in direction for the country between the two candidates, but that’s not what anyone is ever going to remember from this debate. There’s only one thing being talked about today, and that’s not if Joe Biden has to go, but how soon. Why? Here’s Donald Trump’s latest ad running in swing states this weekend. It’s a highlight reel of Joe Biden’s debate performance, and it’s absolutely brutal.

The sets of MSNBC and CNN after the debate were not analysis shows so much as they were wakes. It wasn’t a parade of left-wing regime media pundits and hosts offering critiques of the previous 90-plus minutes, it was long-time friends, associates, and allies of Joe Biden realizing they were at the proverbial Old Yeller moment, and that it was time for Joe to go. Obama administration veteran Van Jones offered up what can only be described as a eulogy of Joe Biden. 

I have dozens of clips from regime media types stunned at what they just saw. This morning, print media has begun the pile on. 


There were plenty of pundits and reporters who said their phones were blowing up from their Democratic sources, but none summed up the five-alarm panic better than CNN’s White House correspondent, MJ Lee. 

So Washington’s Democrats are now confronting what they’ve all known, but thought they could keep under wraps. Joe Biden has not been up to this job for a long time, he’s not up to it now, and today is Joe Biden’s best day. He’ll only be worse tomorrow, and a little worse, yet the day after tomorrow. That’s how cognitive decline works. So what do they do? 

On Twitter right now is the trending topic, Michelle Obama Urged To Run In 2024. Gavin Newsom left the dumpster fire that is California to fly to Atlanta and “support” his good friend, Joe Biden. After his State of the State pre-recorded address doubling as a national campaign stump speech, he was showcasing himself in case the inevitable happened – Biden stumbling badly during the debate. He’s ready to run. Kamala Harris was dispatched by the Biden-Harris camp in order to do damage control, a desperation move if there ever was one. If the campaign is on fire and you call in Kamala Harris to put it out, it’s a total loss. But when Biden eventually steps aside or is pushed out by God or Democratic apparatchiks, Kamala Harris is not going to just step aside. So the question is, assuming that Manhattan-Beltway Democrats and media types have done the Dave Wasserman with Joe Biden – they’ve seen enough, what now? That’s where things get very tricky. 

Ohio, as you’ll recall, has this law on the books that in order to be legally on the ballot in November, candidates have to be officially nominated by their party before 90 days out. The Democratic National Convention is relatively late this cycle, in August, and therefore wouldn’t qualify Joe Biden for Ohio’s ballot. The solution? The DNC is going to hold a virtual set of meetings on July 11th, and another one a couple days later, in order to conduct a voice vote and formally nominate Joe Biden. That’s right around the corner. Will the DNC be able to get to that voice vote now? Or will Joe Biden have to pull the Lyndon Baines Johnson option, declaring that if nominated, he will not run, if elected, he will not serve? That’s very much in doubt whether the DNC will commit the party to Joe Biden in November. 

And if Joe Biden is now deemed by the regime media to not be fit for office, so much so that he shouldn’t be the nominee, how is it that he’s fit for office to fill out the remainder of his term? How much more feeble will he be in an increasingly dangerous world for the next six months? If it’s time to take away the car keys, it’s time to take away the nuclear codes. 

What about the credibility of both the regime media and everyone around the President’s team? It’s totally shot. However much you hate the media, last night should demonstrate that it’s not nearly enough. The coverup of the decline of Biden has been a fraud perpetrated on the American people. Millions of Democrats in primary races all across the country cast their vote based on incomplete information. Had Democrat voters truly known how bad off the President really is, would they have still voted for him? Where was the reporting? They all knew Biden’s diminishing condition. They’ve seen it up close and personal.

The post-debate panel on MSNBC, featuring Lawrence O’Donnell, Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow, Nicolle Wallace, and Chris Hayes, broke out the DNC convention rules to open a discussion on what a contested convention would look like. 

The problem for the Democratic apparatus? Vice President Kamala Harris. Unless she’s pushed aside along with Joe Biden, she’s the heir apparent. In fact, if Joe Biden truly is incapacitated in his ability to carry out the duties of his office, how can he not step aside right now and give her the Oval Office and incumbency? And if you think Joe Biden’s not up for this job, and he isn’t, just wait until you’ve had a few weeks of President Harris. 

Joe Biden famously promised, and doubled down at the G7 in Italy a few weeks ago, that after the felony conviction of his son, Hunter, on gun charges, he would not pardon him. If Joe Biden is forced by his party and donor base to get out now, the office of presidential pardons gets very busy in a hurry, don’t they? 

The supervillain in all of this? Dr. Jill Dr. Biden, Ed.D. If there is anyone on the planet who knows Joe Biden has not been, is not, and will never be up to the task of being president again, it’s Dr. Jill Dr. Biden, Ed.D. And yet she has been the driving force to continue perpetrating the President Biden fraud on the American people. After the debate, CNN kept the stage on a split screen as Anderson Cooper began the post-debate memorial service. 

He was stuck on the stage, Dr. Jill Dr. Biden, Ed.D had to come get him, take him by the hand, and gingerly ease him down two stairs to the studio floor so he could gladhand Dana Bash and Jake Tapper. he could barely move. 

Later at a post-debate rally before heading to North Carolina, Dr. Jill Dr. Biden, Ed.D. took the microphone to praise Joe on how well he did. 

She’s praising him the same way she would praise Commander, the First Dog, for not biting any Secret Service agents today. Such a good boy.

As we close, just ask yourself how Chinese Community Party Secretary-General Xi Jinping reacted to the debate. How did Ayatollah Khamenei react? How about Vladimir Putin? Kim Jung Un? Yahya Sinwar? 

Did you think before the debate that Benjamin Netanyahu might actually stay in power longer than Joe Biden would? That’s increasingly likely.

Here’s the thing you have to remember – they knew. They all knew. Everyone in regime media, every Democrat in Congress, every cabinet secretary, they all knew the Joe Biden on naked display Thursday night was the real Joe Biden. His performance was not a surprise to anyone in the Democratic Party. They’re lying to you if they tell you different. They just hoped against hope that whatever State of the Union cocktail that got the President by in February would work again this time, too. It didn’t.

You’ve been lied to. By all of them. Remember that when they pull the bait and switch. And that bait and switch is coming very soon. There is zero change Joe Biden will be able to put the genie back in the bottle, and if the bottom falls out of his swing state polling in the next month, he will be pushed out. 




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