A Dangerous Time for America

Everybody is rightly focused on the political train wreck that is the Biden campaign. Like any trainwreck or other disaster, we are equally horrified and fascinated. It’s impossible to turn away. 


There’s lots to chew on, and if you read Ed’s excellent analysis, you will have already moved beyond the talk of Joe Biden’s future to focus on exposing the hoax perpetrated by the Democrat Party and the mainstream media. A senile old man has been “running” the country, representing us to the rest of the world, making decisions on foreign policy, conducting war, failing to get peace, and all these people have been lying to us. 

They are not just lying; they have been using the powers at their disposal to destroy anybody who stands up and tells the truth. They accuse us to cover their own tracks. 

We obviously need to pound this fact into the heads of every American who routinely takes the word of these liars. We need to destroy every last vestige of credibility the mainstream media retains. They have been perpetrating a hoax for years. 

But even THAT isn’t the biggest issue. 

Put yourself in Xi Jinping’s head. Or the Ayatollahs’. Or any adversary of the United States. 

What did you see? Did you see an American president that you should beware of? A united America capably led? A country to respect?


Obviously not. The next few weeks and months will be extremely dangerous because of that. Before last night, our adversaries suspected that Biden was not all there. Now they know it beyond doubt, and they see a Democrat Party at war with itself. 

The lies told to Americans by the Democrat Party and the mainstream media have not been little white lies. They have not been spin. 

The Democrats and the mainstream media have been perpetrating a hoax that has endangered every American and every ally in the world for three years. And because of that, the world is already on fire. Afghanistan. Ukraine. Taiwan. The Houthis. The supply chain disaster. Inflation. The border. I could go on. 

All because of a consciously designed hoax. And it could get much worse before it is over. 

All the pundits are talking about intrigue in the Democrat Party, but our eyes have to be focused like a laser beam on what our adversaries are thinking. Is Xi about to make a move, for instance? What about a terrorist attack? 


One of the reasons I get more angry at the media than the Democrats is that few people are convinced by the spin of political operatives, but many Americans still trust the media enough to take their mental cues from them. Sure, most people know that Joe Scarborough and Rachel Maddow are in the tank, but when a “journalist” writes an analysis piece or reports a “fact,” most people assume that it is true. 

It is all lies or spin, and the world is on fire right now because the mainstream media has foisted upon us this senile old man. 

America is in very real danger from our enemies right now because of what these people have been doing. Hundreds of thousands of people have died needlessly over the past three years due to Biden’s incompetence, and that is not just on Biden–who is senile–but on the Democrats and the mainstream media. 

Ed put it well in his post:

Last night’s appalling display reminds us again of the crisis we face in public life. All of the institutions dominated by the Left have betrayed America, as Doddering Joe proved last night. Democrats and their Protection Racket Media allies are preparing new spin today to attempt to extend the cover-up a few more weeks for another con of the American electorate, and Big Tech co-conspirators will soon begin enforcing the new spin on advertising and moderation to enforce silence on Biden’s cognitive collapse. To wit:

We need independent voices now more than ever. Many of our readers have joined the fight as part of our VIP and VIP Gold membership, and they have been crucial to our operations as an independent platform and the ability to debate all of the issues honestly. 

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Every conservative media outlet has been under attack, and the desperation you are about to see from the left will certainly result in lashing out at every “enemy” they see. We need your help to fight back. 



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