Is Reform UK’s Surge Why the British Press Suddenly Discovered a Labour Victory Will Cost Britain Bigly?

Oh, hello – what have we here?

Seven days before Brits go to the polls is what was widely expected to be a Labour rout, easily winning the largest majority for decades, things are suddenly not looking so sanguine for their uber-progressive, climate cult-embracing side.


And of all things, a formerly supine British press, which has spent a fair amount of time slobbering over Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer as opposed to crawling up the party’s ludicrous – and demonstrably dangerous for Britain’s future energy security – 2030 renewable transition plans (among other ruinous and bonkers platforms) has suddenly found its starch, so to speak. There are really alarming articles being published about the true cost of Labour’s plan, not just from “sources” but from the mouths of Labour officials themselves.

Yesterday I told you about the “leaked” phone call which affirmed the fact that the cost for citizens and residents of Labour’s renewable transition to a Green economy wasn’t the benign tens of billions of pounds – £28B to be precise – but more like a baseline £500B and up.

All this straight out of the mouth of one of Starmer’s henchmen. An impeccable source.

Starmer hasn’t had time to stammer through any explanations or excuses for that because along came a “BOMBSHELL” report today toting up just what a Labour party government is going to cost UK residents and taxpayers if they become the majority party on July 4 with unfettered regulatory power.



Labour policies will cost businesses and consumers billions of pounds and create mountains of red tape, a new report warns.

Sir Keir Starmer’s plan to introduce 62 new regulations will have “far-reaching economic consequences”, according to the Institute of Economic Affairs.

This is more than double the amount contained in the Conservative Party manifesto and 48 more than proposed by Nigel Farage’s Reform UK.

…Labour has proposed five tax-raising measures, which are expected to increase revenues by £8.6 billion.

…Just one Labour policy, requiring privately rented homes to meet minimum energy standards, would cost £12.2 billion according to the government’s impact assessment.

…The Centre for Economics and Business Research has estimated that the 2030 ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars – a Labour, Green Party, Liberal Democrats policy – will cost an extra £1,000 per household per year from 2022 until 2050.

The government’s impact assessment for the Renters (Reform) Bill found a cost to business of £1 billion.

…Mr Lesh said: “The major parties are proposing a tsunami of new regulations that could significantly increase costs for businesses and consumers.

“These policies will have far-reaching economic consequences, from banning petrol cars to mandating higher energy efficiency standards.

And does that ever sound familiar! Remember to US ears, “Oh, a billion, big deal.” But the UK has a fifth of our population and a GDP of a shade over $3T USD. Our GDP is north of $25T, so,  yeah – an additional impact in costs to British businesses alone of £1B is a BFD, as a certain president once said.


But it does make one curious what the impetus is for this sudden flurry of “Labour kinda sucks bigly” stories, when the truth and the numbers and their insane plans have been out there all along.

Could it have something to do with the meteoric rise of a backwater party’s fortunes thanks to their Johnny-come-lately leader?

Perhaps the British press has found itself in the enviable position of not having to play nice with Labour because the election outcome is not as cast in stone as it was three weeks ago.

Even Bloomberg noted the shift in sentiment this morning.

And, in an alarming development for progressive hearts everywhere, British media types are starting to notice an attitude shift in young British teens and twenty-somethings they talk to – a right shift that shoots right past the Tories to Reform UK.



The British people are also tired of living their lives by the whims of the hurt feelings of foreigners and radical wokesters, who, as this Welsh family found out, will send the police to “investigate” when you have the wrong political party’s poster on your home.

Why? Because some busybody charity coddling asylum seekers in the area “had a concern”. 

Seriously? This man’s home is not their problem. If these asylum seekers or their virtue-signalling cheerleaders can’t handle it, they can bugger off somewhere else. And as for the charity, they can take their meddling and shove it. Mind your own bloody business, this is in no way a police matter.

I can’t imagine why Farage’s message is appealing in the face of that. Or why every day another poll shows more gains for Reform UK.

Reform is playing the long game here. The way the UK electoral process is set up, they can’t “win” as we’d traditionally expect, but they can take enough seats to gum up many of Labour’s plans. To their credit, that is what almost every Reform voter realizes and speaks about, too. 

They’re not talking change on July 5th. 

Voters are talking about when they have a shot at taking it all in 2029. This is their “hope” vote, as some put it. This is their downpayment on a different future than the dismal one they see now.

Labour and Tories should be quaking in their boots at that pragmatic and informed mindset in the voting public.

Spells trouble.




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