Gallup: A Majority of Democrats Still Want Another Candidate

Earlier today I wrote about the state of national polling as we head into tonight’s debate (which still hasn’t started as I write this). But in that review I missed this Gallup poll which seems to jibe well with that earlier post. Basically what Gallup sees is that Biden has a lot less enthusiasm on his side. In fact, a majority of Democrats are still day-dreaming about another candidate.


The poll finds that about twice as many Republicans are pleased with Trump being the GOP nominee as Democrats are with Biden leading their party’s ticket…

Republicans (79%) are nearly twice as likely as Democrats (42%) to say they are pleased with their party’s nominee. A majority of Democrats (56%) would prefer another candidate.

Neither candidate has positive favorability, but Trump’s has improved a bit while Biden’s has not.

Trump’s favorable rating (46%) has increased by four percentage points since the prior reading in December and is the highest for him since April 2020. At the same time, Biden’s favorable rating has dipped by the same four-point margin to 37%, his lowest since 2007, when he was unknown to many Americans.

Again, this jibes well with the findings of the NY Times and Q-Poll I wrote about earlier, both of which showed a 4 point surge for Trump. 

As for why this is happening, Gallup notes that Trump currently has the edge on “personality and leadership qualities.” It’s not clear exactly what qualities those are but later on Gallup comes directly to the point: Biden’s age is a big problem.

At 81, Biden is three years older than Trump, who turned 78 this month. Despite their similar ages, Americans are nearly twice as likely to say Biden is too old to be president (67%) as say this about Trump (37%). These results are in line with prior Gallup polling showing that 31% of Americans are willing to vote for a presidential candidate over age 80 and 63% are willing to vote for a candidate over age 70…

Biden’s age is not just a potential liability among Republicans and independents — majorities of whom say he is too old and are very concerned about it — but also among a sizable minority of Democrats. Forty-four percent of Democrats say Biden is too old, and 31% are very worried about it.


And there you have it. A near majority of Democrats think Biden is too old and a majority would prefer another candidate. 

Obviously if those numbers don’t change, Joe Biden is toast. But I’m not sure Biden can change them at this point. Most Americans have seen enough.



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