Pro-Hamas “Queers for Palestine” Agitators Block Exit to Disney World – But One Angry Dad Wasn’t Having It (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by David Greyson

Pro-Hamas agitators blocking freeways and bridges has become an all too common theme these days.

A group of protestors calling themselves, “Queers for Palestine” blocked the exit to Disney World in Orlando, Florida on Interstate 4 on Saturday.

The agitators claimed Disney supports genocide and chanted, “Free, free Palestine!” while holding up banners.

New York Post reported:

A small group of anti-Israel protesters from a Florida chapter of Queers for Palestine blocked access to Walt Disney World Saturday — and were promptly arrested.

The keffiyeh-clad crew used their vehicles to block the Disney exit of Interstate 4 in Orlando, alleging that the company “supports genocide.”

The protesters held banners across the ramp and chanted, “Free free Palestine.”

“Some fed-up drivers were seen using the shoulder of the highway to go around the demonstrators — while one angry motorist got out of his car to confront them,” New York Post reported.

Tensions ran high as drivers were losing their patience. One man got out of his car and started to yell at the agitators. Video footage taken by one of the agitators shows them getting into their car and start to drive off. The police were on the scene.


Considering this was Florida, police promptly showed up and arrested the agitators for blocking the highway. According to Fox News reporter Bill Melugin, it took about 11 minutes for them to be arrested.

While some states have failed to take quick action, Florida has shown itself to be a law and order state.



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