Patrick Byrne Answers Trump’s Call To Support For J6 Political Prisoners Ryan Samsel When All Organizations Refused | The Gateway Pundit | by Alicia Powe

Former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne intervened to save J6 political hostage Ryan’s Samsel’s life, when it seemed like no one else would.

Samsel’s attorney refused to file a writ of habeas corpus lawsuit to assure US District Judge Jia Cobb grant Samsel’s repeated request for emergency surgery that he’s been deprived of for three years. The surgery would prevent him from continue to develop blood clots as the clots in his foot, leg and arm remain untreated.

Samsel sought representation from another attorney and was told it would cost a whopping $81,000 to file the claim. Another wanted $35,000 for a retainer fee.

After three years of fighting criminal charges, it seemed it would take a miracle to secure tens of thousands of dollars for the medical fight, but not impossible.

Samsel sought help from J6 organizations to assist with securing attorneys willing to do their job and fight for his constitutional rights.

This reporter intervened as a paralegal specialist to assist in filing Samsel’s lawsuit for medical and to uncover, “What the hell is going on?

“Was he really being tortured to death for refusing to rat on Trump and the Proud Boys? Did the torture and cruel unusual treatment he has been subjected have something to do with government plant Ray Epps whispering his ear?”

The Gateway Pundit has obtained Samsel’s medical records, and the truth is ugly.

Retired attorney Jonathon Moseley investigating Samsel’s case concluded, ‘Ryan Samsel is Biden’s Navalny’ after the 40-year-old political prisoner was transferred to the 19th correctional facility for the 28th time. The move came days after administrators of the DC gulag were subpoenaed by Samsel’s attorney to turn over his medical records within 30 days.

Regardless of how much time in prison US District Judge Jia Cobb decides to hand Samsel at his June 13 sentencing hearing for joining the crowd in pushing over the flimsy bike racks gated around the Capitol building during at the Stop The Steal rally, Samsel just wants to see a doctor and undergo a simple procedure that will assure he is able to live through whatever torture and oppression the government will deploy against him to next, for however long.


In the wake of unfulfilled promises to help from J6 organizations, Byrne made a sizeable contribution to Samsel’s legal defense and assistance from the American people will allow him to retain a team of who will file the lawsuits that may save his life while he held behind bars for God knows how long.

“Patrick Byrne has been a big contributor, helping us,” Samsel told The Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interview. “When I told him no organization has helped — he was under the impression that one of the organizations he was giving to was helping me. When he asked me, I said, ‘No, Pat, that’s not true…All these people make calls to action, but only one person stepped into help, along with the American people, who donate what they have.

“For a federal case to go to trial, you’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars, that’s the average for a federal case. You’re not talking twenty, thirty grand. You’re talking one hundred fifty, one hundred plus thousand dollars to [file] all the motions. It’s very expensive,” Samsel said. “On top of that — Judge Cobb continues to deny every single motion for medical. Every hospital she sent me out to, the hospital confirmed what I said and said, ‘This guy needs surgery, and in fact, it’s urgent.’ And Judge Cobb still has denied the help, so you know.

“I now have an attorney who is willing to file the habeas. I am very appreciative.”

Byrne, a former Democrat operative and author of the new book “Danger Close: Domestic Extremist #1 Comes Clean,” became a principal player in the January 6 hearings. Like others on the frontline exposing the 2020 election fraud, Byrne is the is now being targeted by Dominion Voting Systems in a billion-dollar defamation lawsuit. Last week, his attorney Stephanie Lambert, representing him in the Dominion case, was arrested outside of the federal court house. Byrne maintains the evidence the government is trying to bury in the Dominion case exonerates former President Donald Trump and the January 6 defendants.

A survivor of several bouts of the cancer and a former Democrat operative, Byrne has poured his fortune into restore election integrity following 2020 presidential election. Within hours of speaking with Samsel, the philanthropic patriot donated thousands of dollars to Samsel to assure he can afford the lawyers that will fight for his surgery.

“From the beginning I thought, ‘I am going to use my money to fight,’” the former billionaire told TGP in an exclusive interview after donating to Samsel’s legal fund. “Do I want to be supporting the individual J6ers or do I want to be fighting the frontline of the mission, trying to show that they are correct on J6?

“The truth is the first two years of the last three , I have been much more focused on just fighting the overall mission,” he continued. “As an economist by background, I thought, every one of those individuals in jail knows a couple of hundred people — friends, family –they should be able to raise money for themselves from their own circle –of lets say, two hundred or three hundred people who know them by first name. I figured it would be better for them to get their money that way. And I would use my resources focusing on the battle up front.

“It was a decision to fight this battle by spending my time on the ground in the front fighting the battle, or back with the sick and wounded helping them. Many tell me, ‘Well, other people can help the sick and wounded.’ So, I keep charging, but a couple of things changed. About a year ago, I became aware of how donations to J6ers were more lackadaisical than I expected. And so I started giving — I gave $100,000 to one group. And a small load of hundreds of thousands.”

As TGP has reported, following the Nov. 3, 2020 flagrant election fraud, Byrne and Gen. Flynn had an emergency visit with Trump in the White House during which he exposed how the intelligence agencies concluded the US election system was demonstrably hacked him by international entities.

In September after the Proud Boys convicted of seditious conspiracy were sentenced to 22, 18, 17, 15, 10 years in prison, Byrne donated $100,000 to Enrique Tarrio’s legal defense fund. Last Christmas, Byrne donated over $100,000 to and approximately $100,000 more to Stand in the Gap.

Byrne urged the American people to ramp up their to support of the men being tortured behind bars for “fighting for them.”

“We have about 250 million Americans walking around bemoaning the state of the country and what’s happened, 50,000 of them can pony up five bucks a month.”

Some of the most powerful conservative figures in the country had sounded the alarm on the abuse and torture Samsel has endured through three years of pretrial incarceration for refusing to cooperate with the government.

President Donald Trump has called for Samsel’s release and sounded the alarm on the beat downs and torture the political hostage has endured in pretrial detention.

“These people are living in hell. They’re being hounded like you hound the worst animal. These people are being persecuted!” Trump told a crowd of supporters in an Arizona rally after Samsel was notoriously assaulted in the DC gulag. “One defendant was allegedly viciously and savagely beaten, resulting in numerous broken bones in his face and a loss of sight permanently in one eye. Let them use their lawyers. Let them go out and defend themselves. And if we think they’re innocent we should help them defend themselves.”



Trump’s former attorney Sidney Powell called for Samsel’s release after he was tortured in the DC Gulag and called on “all lawyers barred in the District of Columbia to step up, show some backbone” and “protect the constitutional rights” of Samsel and other defendants struggling to find attorneys willing to fight the Deep State’s political persecution of American demonstrators.

“One of the defendants has been held since the end of January and hasn’t even been charged yet. Meanwhile, he was beaten sensless,” Powell told Steve Bannon’s War Room. “He was zip-tied and beaten by the guards in the DC Correctional Center, or whatever the name of it its, in the District of Columbia and hasn’t even been able to get medical attention that he needs for those injuries.”

“His name is Ryan Samsel. I want to know where all the lawyers have gone. Lawyers are supposed to be the ones who stand up for the downtrodden and abused even when it’s unpopular to do so. We are having trouble finding people willing to work for them even for compensation because of all the blowback that the left keeps on anyone who stands up to seek justice and anyone’s constitutional rights on these sides.”

When photographs of Samsel locked in what appeared to be a broom closet circulated across the web, former US National Security Advisor Gen. Mike Flynn, who also faced an onslaught by the Justice Department that almost landed him years in prison during the Russian collusion hoax, called for Samsel’s immediate release.

“This is so outrageous This must not be allowed to happen in America! Where are the judges? Where are the members of Congress? Where is POTUS[?]” Flynn fumed on social media. “This man must be released immediately.”

As TGP has reported, guards locked Samsel in the room in FCI Philadelphia as punishment for “fishing” for food through a toilet after he was starved for weeks.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene called attention to the “blatant human rights abuse.”

“I’m currently looking at all means possible to stop the abuse,” Greene the GOP congresswoman stated. “When will people finally wake up and start recognizing that political persecution should NOT happen in America?”

Despite the repeated calls for Samsel’s release and calls to action from the most prominent influencers, Samsel contends all of the organizations that have spawned over the past three years to help J6 defendants have refused to actually help him.

“I thought they would have after the claims they’ve made, after Donald Trump went public and made a call to action for people to help me along with Sidney Powell, Steve Bannon, Stew Peters,” Samsel told TGP in an exclusive interview.” I am here to tell people, just be mindful and careful because you work hard for that money and if you really do want to help and you want to do the right thing, you give directly to the individual.”

Samsel was the owner of King Shave barber shop in Pennsylvania before his arrest. He frequently volunteered to feed the homeless and a donated a large margin of proceeds from his shop to help fight prostate cancer. The corruption, division and hypocrisy within the so-called “J6 community” is making life even harder for political prisoners amid the government persecution, he explained.

“It’s extremely frustrating. You’ve got all these big wigs out there — they keep calling for action. Then I hear these organizations going on Newsmax, going here and going there, and they’re always glorifying themselves, as ‘I,’ ‘I’, ‘I,’ And how they’re ‘a patriot,’ ‘they’re a warrior.’ I guess, maybe so. I’m just no more than the common man — not a patriot or a warrior,” he said. “But they promise to help. Not one organization has helped. Why should I have to beg. If the American people are giving to these organizations, why do we have to beg?”

One organization vowed to retain the attorney Amy Collins to file Samsel’s habeas lawsuit for surgery. The good news turned into another nightmare with another nefarious ultimatum.

As TGP has reported, Collins, a former prosecutor who represents numerous J6 defendants who have taken plea deals assured Samsel after his Feb. 2 verdict hearing that she would forge an agreement with government to allow him to receive the surgery and could be granted home detention within a week if he agreed he blamed his actions on January 6 on Donald Trump and testify against Trump during Trump’s trial.

“[Collins] was a sedition hunter. She has said that we are ‘white supremacists,’ and that’s ‘the one leading cause of terrorism today,’” Samsel said. “I don’t want a lawyer that thinks I’m a white supremacist or a terrorist. I don’t want a lawyer who wants me to plead guilty and say sorry, because in turn I’m basically just telling on former President Trump.

“I’ve watched these people gain all this money, and we have to slave to them. We have to beg and we have to put them on a pedestal to get anything. It’s just not fair.”

J6 hostage Ryan Samsel renders Joshua Black aid after police shot him in the face at the Capitol riot.

Cooperating with the government in a deal that would implicate Trump, blame the former for his actions that day, and going along with the government’s “seditious conspiracy” narrative and lie under oath that the Proud Boys leader Joe Biggs had a gun at the rally, when he didn’t, was always a ticket to home, Samsel has explained in multiple interview with TGP. Instead, he  has repeatedly gotten the lights beaten out of him for refusing to play ball with the FBI.

Innocent Americans have a responsibility to not plead guilty for crimes they did not commit that day because they’re assisting the government with framing and incriminating more innocent people and Trump, Samsel contends.

“Everybody is asking– ‘This guy’s face was broken?’ ‘The torture’s he’s been through,’ [about the stuff the government did — all because I refused to sell my soul and cooperate with our corrupt government.” he said. “It’s our duty as Americans to refuse that [plea deal] for the next person. It’s not that I’m doing it for self glory or anything like that. I’m doing it just because I don’t want this to happen to anybody else.”

Asked how much time would he would have spent behind bars if he chose to cooperate with the government, Samsel said, “I wouldn’t have been in jail at all.”

“Just like, obviously, Ray Epps. He admitted to orchestrating what he orchestrated that day. He didn’t spend any time in jail,” he said. “In fact, he’s a ‘hero.’ Ray Epps is a ‘hero,’” Samsel said. “You see the medical records. You see the stuff that I’ve been through. You see the truth.

“It’s not going to be an easy road to get the medical, to get the doctors, to get the lawyers to file this habeas. We finally were able to obtain a lawyer to get the habeas.”

If not for the hundreds of small donations from the American people over the past three years, January 6 defendant’s and their families would be even more destitute amid an never-ending expense of legal fees amid unprecedentedly skyrocketing inflation.

Samsel contends the attorneys who have stepped up to take Samsel’ case failed to exhibit during trial exculpatory evidence. TGP has obtained groundbreaking evidence from Samsel’s discovery that we will expose in the days to come.

Judge Cobb scheduled Samsel’s sentencing hearing on June 13.

Between now and then, if Samsel doesn’t get to a doctor who can perform the surgery, a procedure he was prescribed to receive on March 11, 2021 before he was terrorized and arrested by the FBI for protesting, the BOP may never grant him authorization for the life-saving procedure.





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