Is Ronna McDaniel’s NBC News Career Over Before It Began?

You almost have to feel sorry for her. Almost. 

Dylan Byers at Puck News is reporting that Ronna McDaniel is definitely completely out at NBC News, less than a week after it was announced that she was being brought on as a political analyst.


The rumored ousting comes after just about every MSNBC host went on the air and threw a temper tantrum about her hiring and a “Boycott MSNBC” campaign started by Democrats who consider McDaniel an election denier and insurrectionist went viral.


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Saturday evening the Wall Street Journal reported that MSNBC President Rashida Jones told MSNBC employees that McDaniel would not be contributing on-air at MSNBC, setting up a power struggle between MSNBC and its corporate overlords.


As the Spectator’s Stephen Miller writes, there are no good guys in this story. Pearl-clutching from people like Jen Psaki and Nicolle Wallace about the propriety of hiring someone who’d just been a highly partisan official is completely hypocritical, shrieks about the destruction NBC News’ credibility as a news organization from Chuck Todd are hilarious, and the meltdowns from former Republicans like Joe Scarborough and Michael Steele are just an added bonus view of what having zero self-awareness looks like.

However, she did get MSNBC pundits to say on air that they welcome Republican voices in pursuit of diversity of thought (not that any of us believe that). Just not that Republican voice.



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