MSM Meltdown at NBC

There are times when you have to accept as truth something even worse than your cynical imagination conjured up. 

Most of the time, when the MSM goes into meltdown, I assume they are just gaslighting us, or even just virtue signaling to each other. They are doing their Pravda thing, and nothing more. 


But occasionally, something even more horrifying is undeniable: these people actually believe the bulls**t they are spewing because they are so disconnected from reality that they qualify for a schizophrenia diagnosis. 

I’m serious. Total disconnect from reality to the point of mental illness. 

When the hiring of McDaniel hit Republican circles, most of us rolled our eyes. Yet another Republican sellout to the MSM, sorta proving that most our our “leaders” want nothing more than to be loved by the “cool kids.” In our eyes, it was about McDaniels’ milquetoastiness.

That’s certainly not how the “journalists” at NBC saw it. Their rage–and that is what it was–that a Donald Trump supporter of any kind could be allowed into their clique, even for a moment, was something to behold. 

Like a bunch of Gen Z TikTokers, they exploded in anger and hurled insults in every direction, utterly unaware of either the ridiculousness of their outbursts or the sheer hypocrisy. 


The network that negotiated a contract with Jen Psaki while she was still at the White House podium shilling for Biden is now filled with “journalists” who cannot abide sharing a table or even breathing air with a politico who was at the RNC. 

She is a liar! A danger to democracy! An election denier! Pick your insult. Then, circle back to me, as Jen Psaki always did when she avoided a question. 

George Stephanopolous, Jen Psaki, and Donna Brazile were all high-profile Democrats whose credentials for lying are well known. No MSM journalist has a problem with sharing their rarified air with them, and they never question their integrity–despite the fact that Brazile slipped Hillary Clinton debate questions. 

Despite their pious claims that they are concerned that McDaniel is a Republican shill–as if they care about minor matters like telling the full truth–this was about nothing more than the raw hatred they feel for anybody who challenges the establishment of which McDaniel clearly wants to be a part. 


She is unclean. She is MAGA! She must be expunged from existence. 

This is class hatred and gives the lie to any conceit that the MSM covers anything with a modicum of fairness or honesty. They indulge in sheer emotionalism and truly believe in their absolute right to control everything that the people hear. 

Certain Republicans are fine, of course, as long as they bend the knee to the superior moral wisdom of the establishment. Michael Steele, a former Republican Chair, is just fine and dandy because he kisses the feet of the media mavens and expresses his hatred of Trump. He also was a big loser, which is great! Stephen Hayes–who I personally respect–is also fine because he is NeverTrump. 

NeverTrumpers these days are like pure gold because they reinforce the sense of moral superiority the media feels over the dirty plebs. 

But McDaniel was once close with Trump, so she must be burned at the stake. Ask Jen Psaki, who would never shill for anybody. Or Donna Brazile. Or George Stephanopolous. Or, for that matter, Chuck Todd, who worked on Capitol Hill as a Democratic staffer. Or Joe Scarborough, a former Congressman. Or Chelsea Clinton…

Rassmussen Reports–an imperfect pollster, admittedly–asked Americans if the press is the “enemy of the people.” The results are not what the media hopes to hear.


But honestly, can you deny that they are? They really do hate average Americans. Their contempt is palpable. They get enraged when anybody doesn’t bend the knee. And they believe they have the right to rule. 

The MSM believes in their divine right to rule our minds as firmly as Louis XVI believed in his divine right to rule France in 1789. The very idea that they must countenance any dissent in their midst or even breathe the same air as the hoi polloi is enough to enrage them. 

Hence the tantrum. 

If you have any sense at all that the media is anything but a pillar of the Democrat establishment, you are, I am afraid, a fool. 

Don’t be a fool. Instead, I urge you to give your attention and your support to alternative media, including but not limited to Hot Air, Townhall, PJ Media, and our other outlets. Your support keeps us in business, and we must stay in business to provide an alternative to the delusional and the liars of the MSM. 

I practice what I preach here. I don’t have to subscribe to Townhall, but I spend probably $70/mo on subscriptions to journalists I respect. Not just journalists I agree with, but respect regardless of ideology. 


America needs alternative voices. The walls of the media insane asylum must be torn down. 

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