Chicago Alderman Byron Sigcho Lopez Speaks Outside City Hall in Front of Burned American Flag | The Gateway Pundit | by Margaret Flavin

Chicago Alderman Byron Sigcho Lopez/ Image: @Austin__Berg/X

On Saturday, Chicago Alderman Byron Sigcho Lopez spoke at a demonstration outside of City Hall against the Democratic National Convention coming to Chicago.

He spoke to the crowd about what he called its failures to address “the genocide in Gaza” and pursue immigration reform.

An image from the event shows Sigcho Lopez, with Palestinian flags flapping behind him, standing behind the ashen remains of an American flag that had been burned earlier in the event.

A spokesperson for Sigcho Lopez said he wasn’t present when the flag was burned, saying in part:

Alderman Sigcho Lopez was invited to make remarks rejecting the DNC in the city of Chicago. He attended the event solely to deliver his remarks and was not present for the majority of the gathering. His comments addressed critical issues such as the genocide in Gaza and the failure of the DNC to prioritize immigration reform, particularly impacting communities of color who played a pivotal role in President Biden’s 2020 electoral victory.

Contrary to false claims, videos and photographs clearly demonstrate that Alderman Sigcho Lopez arrived after an individual had burned an American flag earlier in the event. At no point was his attention drawn to the flag, nor did he endorse or support such actions.

As a proud naturalized American immigrant, Alderman Sigcho Lopez is sensitive to any perception of disrespect towards the country that has provided him with numerous opportunities. He categorically denies “choosing” to speak in front of a burned American flag.

Social media users, however, aren’t buying what Sigcho Lopez is selling.

The Chicago Teachers Union is Sigcho Lopez’s top donor with the union’s PAC contributing $106,589 to his campaign committee.



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