Gateway: Beyond the Headlines 1/24/24 — Texas vs. Federal Government, Glenn Greenwald Debunks J6 Narrative, Cara Castronuova Calls Out DOJ, Babylon Bee Managing Editor, MORE | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hᴏft

Tonight on Gateway: Beyond the Headlines with Ivory Hecker:

Donald J. Trump and Joe Biden won the New Hampshire primary – and Biden wasn’t even on the ballot! Democrats turned out for Nikki Haley, who’s now turning her attention to her home state of South Carolina.

A protest at a Biden campaign event, Trump beating Biden amongst New York Latinos – and Michelle Obama’s secret plot to replace Biden? Ryan Fournier, Founder of Students For Trump, joins Ivory to unpack all of this.

Then, Julio Rosas, field reporter for, joins the show to break down the latest on the growing showdown between Texas and the federal government over border fencing. While the federal government is removing it, the Texas National Guard is replacing it. Are we near a breaking point between the federal government and states’ rights?

Next, after Canadian truckers who protested Trudeau in 2022 had their bank accounts frozen, their vehicles towed, and more – all for simply protesting – a group up north fought back.

Now, a Canadian court issued a ruling slapping Trudeau and his actions as “unreasonable” and “unconstitutional.” What does this mean for Canadian freedom? Montreal litigator turned current Florida rumbler Viva Frei has more.

And in a recent debate, top journalist Glenn Greenwald slams the media-driven J6 “insurrection’ narrative with facts you won’t want to miss – and correspondent Cara Castronuova from The Gateway Pundit joins the show to describe how she called out the DOJ over Rosanne Boylan’s death.

Finally, is traditional print media dying? With massive layoffs just announced at the Los Angeles Times, will other newspapers follow? Joel Berry, Managing Editor of The Babylon Bee, reveals his thoughts – along with news about a new moon mission gone awry.


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