Ohio Bans Transgender Surgeries For Minors, Protects Women’s Sportf

Ohio Conservatives are jumping for joy today.

In a 23-9 vote Wednesday, the Ohio Senate voted to override Republican Governor Mike DeWine’s veto of legislation that would ban transgender surgeries for minors and keep transgender women out of women’s sports. In layman’s terms, the so-called “Republican” governor wanted kids to be able to get their genitals mutilated and didn’t care if women’s sports were unfair or unsafe. The Ohio Senate disagreed and voted to override DeWine’s veto.

This is great news for kids in Ohio who are struggling with gender dysphoria and need mental health assistance rather than to receive life threatening and damaging treatments.  This is also good news for women who want and deserve fair and equal sporting competitions.

House Bill 68 includes the “Save Adolescents from Experimentation” and the “Save Women’s Sports” acts. 

For the first of the two acts mentioned, doctors would not be allowed to provide what the left calls “gender affirming care” to kids. So children would be safe from things like puberty blockers, hormone replacement therapy and life threatening surgeries.

When DeWine vetoed the bill about a month ago, he insisted that he spoke with transgender kids who insisted they were “thriving” because of their transition. Perhaps those kids’ temporary satisfaction fed their delusion and DeWine fell for it. I can assure you, transitioning doesn’t solve any issues. It makes them worse and provides the opposite of “thriving.”

As for the second act in the bill, the Ohio Senate recognized that men do not belong in women’s sports. Now in Ohio, transgender girls in high schools will not be allowed to participate in girls sports, and if they sneak in and a biological girl is “deprived” of an athletic opportunity, she can sue.

In response to the Senate’s decision, many users on social media were thrilled.

Chloe Cole, a 19-year-old girl who de-transitioned, has been in full support of the passing of the bill.

“Today Ohio overrode the governor’s Veto and has successfully secured the rights of children and protected women’s sports,” she wrote on X. “The energy in the chamber is incredible. Child gender mutilation and gender ideology as a whole will end with a whimper.”

Former NCAA athlete who went up against transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, Riley Gaines wrote that the bill, which will become law in 90 days, protects “Ohio’s most vulnerable.”

Liz Wheeler of “The Liz Wheeler Show” also celebrated when she wrote, “HUGE: Ohio legislature officially overrides the coward Gov. Mike DeWine’s veto & votes to ban cross-sex hormones & transgender surgeries for kids & bans biological men in women’s sports. WIN.”

Reputable independent journalist Nick Sortor noted that the decision is “GREAT news for the children of Ohio” and posed the question, “Why is this such a controversial issue in the first place?”

Summing up, this is a great step in the right direction in Ohio and will save and protect countless Ohioan young people.



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