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Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camila Alves opened up about the creative ways they both keep their marriage alive when things aren’t necessarily smooth sailing, explaining that it can be little things like making tea for each other.

During their joint appearance in an upcoming episode of “Your Mama’s Kitchen” podcast, the “Interstellar” star told the host how the couple often uses food to handle marital squabbles, People magazine reported.

“In the middle of that disagreement,  if I was to say,[be] the cook that night and I was doing my steak sushi dinner, if I’m gonna give you — slice you off another bite, and then go serve you, there’s an invisible dissipation to the disagreement that happens in my service to her,” McConaughey told the host in a clip obtained by the outlet.

“That I handed her a gift,” he added. “Of something that we were already really enjoying. That I continued.”

The “Dallas Buyers Club” star said just because they were not always in agreement, that didn’t mean they would ever “quit serving” each other.

“I’m still going to serve my lady [at] my steak sushi because I know she loves it, even though we may be in a disagreement,” he added, noting that “a sweet food” can also “de-escalate some things, even if it’s a nice piece of chocolate or some ice cream.” 

McConaughey said little things really make a difference in marriage, Fox News noted.

“I don’t make my tea as good as you,” Matthew said to his wife, the outlet noted. “But the fact that you make my tea and serve me my tea in the morning makes me go: ‘It just tastes better.’”

“Even if you and I are in a disagreement, the fact that you still make my tea in the morning, serving my tea … it’s the difference between being married and dating,” he added.

“Yeah. Trust me, ladies, some mornings I do not want to serve that tea,” Alves quipped.

“But she still will make it for me anyway!” McConaughey replied.

“[When you’re] dating somebody and suddenly you get in disagreement [you think] ‘oh, this is a sign of things to come. Better get out now,’” he added. “But you’re married and you disagree. You’re like, ‘I’m not pulling the parachute. This is part of it. I’m going to work through this. I’m still going to serve my man his tea. I’m still gonna serve my lady her steak sushi because I know she loves it.’ Even though we may be in a disagreement.”

Camila and Matthew tied the knot in 2012, and the couple share three children together.

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