Massie Drops a Thread About Those J6 Pipebombs That Raises Even More Questions

Pipe bombs were planted at the RNC and the DNC buildings in Washington, D.C, the night before the riot on Jan. 6, 2021, and then discovered on Jan. 6, right around the time that the riot started. The authorities have all kinds of video of the person walking, planting the bombs, and other information that I reported on. Given how they have cast a wide net for everything and everyone related to Jan. 6, it seems very odd that they haven’t figured out who the person is yet. 



Bombshell: GOP Letter Drops Explosive Info About Suspect in Pipe Bombs at RNC, DNC

Yet three years later, they seem no closer to figuring out who the person is. Not only that, more video has come out that has raised questions about the approach of the authorities and how they seemed to react without any urgency to the alleged threat, as well as a report that the man who found the bomb at the DNC happened to be a Capitol Police officer. The video came out through the efforts of Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY). 

Now, Massie has tweeted an important thread about the pipe bombs. Massie referred to the official narrative as “rapidly collapsing.” He spoke about the interview that the House Judiciary Committee conducted with the former FBI Assistant Director in Charge of the DC field office, Steve D’Antuono, who was the guy in charge of the pipe bomb investigation. He retired in Nov. 2022. Massie asked him about the pipe bombs during the interview. Now, Massie is revealing some of the stunning things that came out of that interview and the relevant parts of the transcript. 

Massie asked if the pipe bombs were viable — an important question in light of the video that now seems to show a very casual approach to the notification of the DNC bomb. D’Antuono said he had been told by the lab guys at Quantico that they were viable. He mentioned there was a kitchen timer on it. Massie asked how long could you set the timer for. D’Antuono said he thought it was an hour. Massie also noted in the interview that former agent Kyle Seraphin said the bombs weren’t viable. 


So Massie’s point about the timer is a great one: It was 17 hours from when the bomb was left to when it was found on Jan. 6. How could you expect that to be operable if the timer could only be set for an hour? At least if it was supposed to go off on Jan. 6. D’Antuono said he didn’t think it was technically possible. He talked about the various speculation as to whether it was supposed to go off in an hour or was waiting there “for someone to find.”  Could this device even function, and what was really going on here when it was found right around the time of the start of the riot?

Then he asked about the finding of the second bomb, the DNC bomb, including whether the people who discovered it would be considered suspects, whether we have all the video to the best resolution, and whether the FBI released false or incomplete information. 

D’Antuono said he couldn’t recall info on who found it. That’s the one where the new report says it was a Capitol Police officer. 

Massie said it was remarkable that it was discovered within minutes of the first bomb. The guy in the black hoodie seemed to find it, he said, told law enforcement that it was there at the DNC, and then they evacuated Kamala Harris, who was at the DNC building. D’Antuono said that he wasn’t aware of that video, which seems odd if he’s in charge of the investigation. But he said yes, you would always look first at people who discovered a bomb as potential suspects and that certainly they would want to talk to such a person. Massie also wanted to know why they didn’t release the camera angle/video showing the actual planting of the DNC bomb. D’Antuono said he didn’t know and that the cameras were not the best. 


Massie asked D’Antuono about using cell phone data to find the suspect. But D’Antuono claimed the cell phone data was corrupted. He also said he wasn’t aware they had a lead on the person.

Massie also asked about the person who found the bomb at the RNC, Karlin Younger, as well as the person who would know the answers to the questions he was raising if D’Antuono did not. 

Massie also released video of him questioning the ATF Director and the FBI Director, as well as the video that we reported on that was discussed by Tucker Carlson and Darren Beattie.


Again, we’re left with more questions than answers. 



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