Maddow: If Trump Is Elected, ‘That’ll Be the End of Politics’

Self-awareness is hard. Democrats are especially bad at seeing themselves as others see them. Monday night on MSNBC, anchor Rachel Maddow claimed that Trump’s re-election pitch is that he will be a dictator who will end politics in the United States.


Jen Psaki sat and listened to Maddow’s unhinged commentary with a snarl on her face.

“Donald Trump is not leading the Republican Party and leading the Republican field of candidates because of his youthful vigor or because of his eloquence. None of that is going on,” Maddow told Jen Psaki, the former White House press secretary for President Biden and her current colleague at MSNBC.

Maddow argued that Trump is increasingly being honest about his dictatorial ambitions to his base.

“What he’s offering is what he both inherently offers and now, more and more, explicitly offers, which is that ‘if you pick me, that’s the end of politics,’” Maddow said.

Poor Rachel has lost her mind because Trump will be the Republican nominee and the demented old man in the White House now may not be able to win re-election. What she really does, though, is expand her disgust with Trump out to his voters. Apparently she thinks that Trump voters want him to be a dictator and end the American political system. Republicans want a “strongman”, y’all.


Rachel @Maddow describing Trump’s dictator-worshiping pitch to voters: “If you pick me, that’ll be the end of politics, and you won’t have to deal with politics anymore. You won’t have to deal with contested elections, you won’t have to deal with contests or divisions when it comes to power, you’ll have a strongman leader and I’ll just do what I want. And won’t that be a lot simpler? That’s what he’s offering. That strongman model is what the Republican base is enthused about.”

Irony, much? The person she and Psaki support is Joe Biden. Biden has acted as a dictator in office and Democrats like Maddow don’t seem to have a problem with that.

Maddow and MSNBC don’t exactly cover themselves in 1st Amendment glory when the cable network refuses to carry Trump’s speeches live for fear he will lie. She may be too delicate to sit through a former president’s speeches but the truth is that Joe Biden cannot make a speech without telling a whopper or two. He makes up personal stories to improve his life story on the regular. Biden habitually gets facts wrong.

When Trump began his victory speech in New Hampshire on Tuesday night, Maddow began to carry the speech live, since she got so much blow back for her previous decision to not carry Trump live, but she interrupted the speech with a fact check.


Joe Biden’s DOJ has prosecuted and jailed more than 1,000 J6 protesters. Joe Biden disregards Supreme Court decisions, such as the Court’s ruling on student loan forgiveness. The Supreme Court ruled against his bright idea of having American taxpayers pay off student loans, yet just this week Biden released another $5B toward student loans on top of the billions of dollars already released. Biden simply ignores the Supreme Court when it suits his agenda.

And, of course, a real biggie – Biden has weaponized the DOJ against Trump to try to remove him from the ballot in November. A two-tiered system of justice has been exposed by the treatment of Trump. Democrats have coordinated their efforts to derail Trump’s candidacy in New York City, in Washington, D.C., in Florida, and in Georgia. No past president has been treated as Trump is treated. The problem for Democrats is that the more the unfairness is exposed, the more Trump voters rally around Trump. Biden’s overreaches have propelled Trump to be the Republican presidential nominee.


It is Joe Biden who has ended politics as we know politics in America. Joe Biden is the most corrupt president in my lifetime. MSNBC doesn’t seem to be too concerned about that.

Rachel Maddow is going to have to buckle up. It’s going to be a long few months until November. She should pace herself.

Just remember that Democrats always accuse others of what they are doing. The United States has a strongman and his name is Joe Biden.



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