When Reality Bites the LA Times

I’m not sure what sort of legal weed the people in that building are smoking, but it has to be some wicked good ganja (they were runner-up for a Pulitzer thanks to a legal cannabis series, so one can assume…sources). I hope they really enjoy it whilst they still have paychecks to purchase it with.


Five days ago, I was absolutely dying at the juvenile meltdown the entitled liberal loons who write for the paper were unabashedly experiencing – and sharing – on X. Let me set the stage for you so you can really appreciate how totally un-self-aware these EMPLOYEES are.

The “Kiera Feldman” who retweeted and amplified this Guild announcement of their labor action plans against the Los Angeles Times is one of the LATs own investigative reporters. It’s apparent from her tweet that she feels the LAT has treated them poorly, and deserves this unprecedented newsroom walkout they are planning for the 19th. She’s all for it – LET’S GOOOOOO is her rally cry.

That’ll teach them they can’t push the newsroom around.

It doesn’t help when you’re Joan of Arc in the middle of the battle of your lifetime… and then you catch a cold.

NO one was more shocked than crack investigative reporter Lois Lane Ms. Feldman when LAT management shut down the little Bolshevik plotting party…on the company Slack channel.

I mean, have you EVER?!

Now you understand: 1) why I was dying 2) probably why the LAT is such a piece of Schlitz rag to begin with, if this is the caliber of genius they hire, no?

To (publicly!!) whine like a baby when you’re using company assets to plan an adverse labor action against said company? Do you not own your own cell phones, children? And then to claim you were only trying to save the company from itself?



But it got worse – oh, yes it did. Their employers turned out to be even more fiendish and underhanded than anything these innocents had seen on Netflix. The Los Angeles Times plays for keeps, sister, whether you’re 8 booster shots and a raging case of COVID down or not.


Pouncers were so, so cruel.

Couldn’t they see she was frightened? Confused? Had no WiFi?

Cast adrift without even a soccer ball for a friend. Oh, the humanity.

Anyway, John had a piece yesterday on the their little walkout, and the managing editor exodus that has been accompanying the newsroom sturm und drama, even as CA lawmakers beg the owners to continue writing checks funding this cluster.

Apparently the Times hasn’t managed to clear out all the chaff over the course of the past week or so. There’s one editor still hanging on by his fingertips, spewing the sort of illogical tripe that keeps the LAT awash in the glow that covers it.

Letters editor Paul Thornton felt it incumbent upon himself to waggle a bony finger of progressive opprobrium at those packing UHauls to exit the Golden State. “Leave if you feel you must, ” Mr. Thornton says. “But once yer gone?”



…”To the people leaving California: May the road rise to meet you as you seek better lives in new places. Now, can you please extend some goodwill to those of us who remain?” Thornton asked in a Saturday piece headlined, “Commentary: If you want to leave, fine. But don’t insult California on the way out.”

Excuse me?

Mr. Thornton believes that if one was lucky enough to own a home in his state, the proceeds from that sale should be sufficient enough buy-off for one’s silence about actual conditions in that state. In other words, STFU – you made your money, now go, ingrate.

More than 800,000 Californians moved away in 2022, and many thousands more left last year. Often, the departees, cash in hand from the sale of their $1-million bungalows, feel the need to express disdain for their home state, and even some anger too.

I love how he says “bungalows” as if your average 12-1500 sq ft hovel wasn’t going for damn near $1M anywhere near one of the urban centers. And you’d damn well had better’ve been lucky enough to buy it in the late 80’s or 90’s, or your average working class family wasn’t buying – or leaving – with jack. He doesn’t mention that.

Thornton disparages those who say, “Don’t bring those ‘weird California ways‘ here” to the refugees. He’s quite proud of CA “weirdness,” and does some Simone Biles worthy gymnastics to make what he’s proud of look ever so shiny.


…Perhaps it’s our embrace of LGBTQ+ Californians. Or it’s our liberal politics, with the state Republican Party shrunk to irrelevance after its vicious attempt in 1994 to marginalize immigrants with Proposition 187.

Perhaps I’m sensitive because California — and especially Los Angeles — used to be the place people would come. And plenty still move here, especially immigrants. I come from an immigrant family blessed by the working-class riches our state once offered.

Yay! Remember how we “vanquished” the Republican Party and that vicious Prop 187?

Yeah. NOBODY wanted that thing…

…Proposition 187, which passed by almost 60% but blocked by the courts from ever going into effect, proposed denying state social services to illegal immigrants. Since then, California has expanded access to government benefits and services to illegal immigrants.

The Golden State started the new year by granting illegal immigrants free healthcare, despite the state’s looming $68 billion deficit. This new healthcare policy will cover sex change surgeries for California residents without regard for their citizenship status.

Well…okay. A firm majority of Californians did at the time, BUT ALL THOSE HATERS ARE IRRELEVANT…aren’t they?

Well…huh. Maybe Mr. Thornton has been watching all the newsroom excitement instead of keeping up with current events in the state. I hate to break it to the sensitive lad, but vanquished irrelevants seem to be storming back from the dead, and they aren’t wearing MAGA hats, either.


Californians are turning against immigration

California voters, including Democrats and racial minorities, are increasingly sceptical of immigration, a poll from Berkeley IGS found earlier this week.

According to the survey, 72% of registered voters in the state believed that illegal immigrants are a burden on the country, including 64% of Joe Biden supporters and 62% of registered Democrats. The majority of those who identified as moderate and somewhat liberal also believed illegal immigrants were a burden — as did the majority of voters in every age category, including 18-29 year olds.

Ah, the weirdos are turning. Isn’t that weird?

And, gosh, Mr. Thornton – why are those immigrants “moving” to CA…and CA taxpaying residents leaving by the hundreds of thousands?

So weird you can’t come up with any reasons at all or even an answer for the legitimate criticisms people leaving have a right to express.

Maybe if anyone had heard and acted on what they were saying before they left, they’d still be in the state…schmaybe?


Now, there’s a weird idea for California.

If you worked at any other rag, you might even write about it.



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