‘Sugar Brother’ Kevin Morris Provides Dubious Reason for Paying Crackhead Hunter’s Back Taxes

In this episode of “I Report, You Decide,” I’m going to report on why Hunter Biden’s “Sugar Brother” Kevin Morris claims he gave the former crackhead more than $5 million “in loans” to cover expenses and pay Hunter’s outstanding tax liabilities, as well as to purchase some of Hunter’s mediocre-at-best art.


Then you decide if you believe the guy — or think his claim is a complete crock of crap.

In an interview with House lawmakers, Morris attempted to portray himself as nothing more than a do-gooder who helped the then-crackhead because he had compassion for Hunter’s struggles — not because he had a desire to help then-candidate Joe Biden win the 2020 presidential election.

The House Oversight Committee on Tuesday released the transcript of Morris’ nearly six-hour interview with the three committees conducting the impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden. Morris talked about how he met Hunter, the $5 million “in loans,” and his compassion for down-and-out people.

I saw a guy, you know, that was from home, could have been my friend. He was getting — in my opinion, getting the s*** beat out of him by the world. I found that he had … worrisome lack of support. And he was an individual — and I believe, and still believe today he’s a very good person and a great guy. And, you know, that’s why I decided to step in.

Hang on a second. While I understand Morris’s attempt to paint Hunter as a victim, it’s hard to believe that he wasn’t getting any support — financially, emotionally, or one of the two — from Joe and Jill Biden.


Here’s more:

Morris said that he was first introduced to Hunter Biden in Brentwood, California, at a 2019 fundraiser for Biden’s presidential campaign, held at the home of producer Lanette Phillips, who later asked through a mutual acquaintance if Morris would meet with Hunter Biden because he had some “entertainment-ish” issues, in his words. Morris began representing Hunter Biden after a five-hour conversation at the latter’s home and started loaning him money about six weeks later.

I find that odd — the just six weeks thing. Morris insisted that cash wasn’t given to Hunter.

The loans were not made in the form of cash to Hunter Biden but were largely direct payments to third parties. They included payments to the IRS for back taxes owed for the years 2016 through 2019, rent on a house, legal fees for other attorneys, payments to Hunter Biden’s ex-wife, child support, and outstanding payments for a Porsche. [Emphasis mine.]

Morris testified that the loans were made in part to help Hunter Biden maintain his sobriety and that past clients with addiction issues historically have had issues with their taxes.

“It’s my custom and practice to get the taxes straight,” Morris told House lawmakers, adding: “It’s a part of — that’s part of recovery, making amends.” 


Let’s clarify that. “Amends” are made by, in cases like this, recovering addicts or alcoholics. Morris coming to Hunter’s rescue — if that’s in fact what he did — hardly seems like part of the amends process, particularly given that at least $1 million was for the purchase of Hunter’s “art.”

Morris insisted that his bountiful help was not related to politics:

With respect to the loans, I am confident that Hunter will repay. I did not and do not have any expectations of receiving anything from Hunter’s father or the Biden administration in exchange for helping Hunter, nor have I asked for anything from President Biden or his administration. My only goal was and is to help my friend and client.

Not to be skeptical, but Morris did meet Hunter at a 2019 presidential campaign fundraiser for Joe.

Republicans were particularly interested in a Feb. 7, 2020, email exchange between Morris and accountants who helped prepare Hunter’s filings. In it, Morris stressed: “Still need to file Monday — we are under considerable risk personally and politically to get the returns in.”


Morris countered, telling Republicans that he was referring to the possibility that Hunter could be called to testify in the Trump impeachment hearings regarding Ukraine. 


Personally, he hadn’t filed his taxes. Okay? That’s his personal problem. And then, politically … look, there was an impeachment proceeding going on. His name was and face was everywhere in the world.

When one of the Republicans asked: “So it’s your testimony here today that politically, that political risk had nothing to do with then-candidate Joe Biden; that’s your testimony?” Morris replied: “Correct.”

So there it is. Do you buy it?


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